mondays thoughts & reactions

why are naked babies the cutest things in the entire world?
colton and jameson don't always have tea parties.
but when they do, colton prefers to go naked. 

why is woodford already 43 pounds?
and why do i attempt to still hold him like he's a puppy? 

why is the entrance to this country club so gorgeous?
why do we think it's a good idea to be the newest members?
because we are!!! :)

why are these the perfect expressions to "we just joined a country club?"
because it's a little bit scary! but ohh so exciting! 

any monday thoughts you'd like for me to react to today?

i need a reaction from you on this thought -- 
what are your reactions on my new blog makeover??


Unknown said...

Love the new layout!

Ashley said...

oh look at that blog DOT COM - you so fancy!!

and country club members - girlll, i am proud I just have my own washer and dryer. you two are making moves and I like it!

speaking of making moves.....or,ahem,the far lack of them....Dash has not been saying his hellos lately and in defense I have been looking away every time he looks over at me. (My maturity is off the charts!) And then today...today....as I was walking out, little ginger friend smiled and said hello. Facepalm.

Long story long.....the house of werts, stones and dashes may be missing a dash....but may be plus up a ginger friend.

Jessie said...

I can't wait for our fun times ahead at 'the club!!' XOXO

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