today wraps up the weekdays of my birthday week and i couldn't be happier!
even though this week was a short one and it even included turning 27,
it's one of the longest weeks i've had in a long time! can i get an aaaamen?!
ever since this day when we wore colton's (clean) underwear on our heads,
he's been sporting the look like it's ever going to be going outta style!

we had an impromptu get together which led to whipping out our favorite cornhole boards in the entire world but let's face it: can you think of ANYTHING cooler than monogrammed boards?

woodford definitely enjoyed memorial day and his very first pool day.
i have a 19 second video of him jumping into the pool that i've literally 
spent 2 hours watching on repeat everyday. 

the beginning of my birthday morning began at the courthouse. glamorous, eh?
remember, i was subpoenaed to go because the lady that caused a three car
wreck doesn't have insurance or a license ...
well, i've lost all faith i had in the justice system.
the judge told me to "not hold my breath" and i wouldn't be seeing any money
because the woman is on social security, doesn't have a job, and lives with her son.
i'm still trying to figure out why any of us work at all
when the people taking the short cuts are the ones "winning"?
shoot, i told myself i wouldn't get into this debate on the blog. my bad. 

i accidentally forgot to mention i went on much needed girls night
to go see spank! the fifty shades parody.
it was absolutely hilarious, completely inappropriate, and the perfect night.
those itty bitty bites up top were the desserts from milkwood
and the ladies are liz, brooke, meredith, jessie, moi. 
apparently our waiter shouldnt quit his day job to become a photographer! #blurrypic
if there's a chance for you to go see this play anywhere, go!

here's to the freakin' weekend!!! ow!
what are your plans??



Natasha said...

i WANT i NEED some monogrammed cornhole boards...genius!!!!!

Lindsay said...

I LOVE that you broke our that corn hole board again! I miss that state of yours. Happy weekend.

tylerjones said...

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