sometimes life teaches you unexpected lessons. 

currently, i'm in the midst of learning how to take the high road.
and let me say, it's tough. 
being an adult in a middle-school-esque environment is exhausting and every day
i'm reminded that ugly people are ugly. 


i never thought i'd be almost 27 years old and dealing with adult children. 


what do you do when people are nasty to you?

quotes from pinterest and here.

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Hillary said...

I believe in Karma. I try (and am not always successful)to take the high road because I know that whatever Karma throws to them it is worse than anything I could have said or done. More often than not mean/rude/ugly people don't even realize that they are the way they are. Not to mention anger is a poison inside your body. I heard that from Oprah so it must be true.

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