friday five

i've always loved notebooks, the feeling of paper, and a pen that felt perfect. i recently became "one of those girls" and bought two may designs notebooks and i kid you not - they've changed my life. it's getting to the point where i write my blog posts with pen and paper which makes it awfully difficult to "publish" when it's not on the computer. treat yourself today and design your own book!

i haven't bought anything from fifth & mae yet but in my mind, i own everything in the store. for a whopping $4.95, this anchored ring could be all mine. their jewelry is dainty, creative, cute, and inexpensive. and their ampersand ring? sold. 
has anyone bought from there? thoughts? feelings? emotions? 

back in the day, i used to be scared of change. but these days, i have a ton of change in my daily happenings and i couldn't be more excited to share everything with you as soon as i can! God has a wonderful sense of humor and i am loving where my life is headed. 

my "baby fever" is very unpredictable these days. but last night, i got to hang with my best friends baby, oscar and let. me. tell. you. this baby is a little slice of heaven with paradise and palm trees. the breaking of the wind is the only sound he makes (hehe) and those big eyes make me want to freak out and take him home with me.  
plus it was woodfords first taste of having a baby around and let's just say he failed the test. 
at our house, the one and only rule is "no butt holes on pillows, no exceptions"
and i'm fairly certain the only rule at their house is "don't sit on the baby"
which woodford did not follow. 
woodford and oscar did french kiss though so i felt a second date could be on the horizon.  

i promise i won't mention my wreck again on the blog but i owe it to you to let ya know...
i will be receiving a check for $25 every month for OVER TWO YEARS. 
while i'm pleasantly surprised the uninsured, unlicensed dumb dumb is paying at all,
it's painful to have to continue to deal with this for 30 months. 


bucket list

i've been working on a bucket list for quite some time which brings me all types of excitement and keeps me hopeful to accomplish each item on the list and keep them documented here. 

1. fly a kite.
2. get lasik.
4. travel to all 50 states.
5. visit all seven continents. {actually six. i'm fine with switching out antarctica for italy.}
6. have a baby.
8. meet a blog friend in real life
9. be a canon rebel owner
10. plant a garden
11. be mortgage-free
12. be a photoshop pro
13. eat clean/raw for one week
14. get my mba
16. travel
17. take the stairs to the top of the eiffel tower
18. own a vacation home
19. buy a boat. name it something nautical.
20. get laser hair removal.
21. be a bridesmaid or maid/matron of honor
22. raise my kids to love the Lord
23. see beyonce in concert
24. own a big, custom, vintage dining room table.
25. belong to a country club.
26. design my dream home. 
27. learn how to scuba dive.
28. go snowmobiling.
29. donate blood.
30. be a godmother. 
31. become a force to be reckoned with on the golf course.
32. run a half marathon
33. read the entire Bible.
34. kiss my husband at midnight every new years eve.
35. leave an incredibly generous tip.
36. ride in a private jet.
37. be an aunt.
38. learn sign language.
39. start my own business.  {no, jaycca doesn't count.}
40. go to the super bowl.

what are some items on your bucket list?


life after college: sam edition

today, my little sister is moving to atlanta to begin her life after college.
my little sister who is technically not littler than me. nor technically my sister.
my parents divorce almost 13 years ago eventually led to one of my favorite parts of life: sam.
let me explain ... sam is four years younger than me and we actually grew up less than a mile away from each other and our best friends were actually sisters. i had no idea she would later become my own best friend and my own sister.  
both of our parents divorced and life carried on. like i said, we grew up in the same town. her brother (now my stepbrother) and i went to school together from kindergarten to eighth grade. her dad was my knee doctor. my sister babysat them. both families vacationed in west palm beach. there are too many dimensions to even attempt to explain, but it all just made sense.
in the beginning, it was weird how much fun sam and i had together when my mom and her dad (rick and barb) forced arranged "blended" family get togethers when they were dating. it may or may not have got to the point that rick and barb couldn't break up because sam and i were too close. 
you're welcome, rick and barb.  

sam, please enjoy the following photos, jokes, stories and quotes. 
and don't forget all the life lessons i've taught you... 
"harsh wine tastes like salmon lipstick."

my roomie on every family trip. thank you for letting me hold your pinky while i sleep.
thank you for taking my picture to document the time i mooned venice, italy.

our wedding day wouldn't have been complete without you as my maid of honor.
being colton's aunt couldn't be complete without you sharing the "aunt" name. 

this undie rug is the greatest gift i've ever given and 
you're the only person that would truly appreciate that.

CARPETS. carpets on the flooooor.

you look like a hatching dinosaur, even on wedgie mountain.

another name to househump over nubbin york. clearly.

stay afloat.

yoo wan me take pictah ov ouu?  yum, sure. thanks. 

today, i am incredibly thankful for the broken road that you made complete and would never want to imagine my life without you as my little sister. i can't help but be a proud big sister of the woman you have become with the crazy, unpredictable journey you've endured.  
i love you and can't wait to tear up the a-t-l with you. 

xo, me


blues, boards, and boxes

see this kid? my 2 year old nephew? the one that swims in big boy underwear?
he's now swimming all by himself these days and it's ridiculously precious to see how proud he is.
i can't believe i forgot to share this with y'all...
kellen and cassie rehearsal dinner had a little corner dedicated to kellen's childhood
decked out with his "no girls aloud" sign. hilarious. he man womans haters club.
"no girls aloud. boys if no the password. if you now the password you have to tell us your (illegible word) and phone number and your favorite team in the sports."

lookie lookie! i'm an influenster and i love it!
i can't wait to share these products with y'all in more detail soon but for now, i'll let you drool over the amazingness that is the i do voxbox. 
disclosure: i did receive these products complimentary for testing purposes from influenster.
but when i get around to the reviewing, all opinions and comments will be my own.


tomorrow is hump day! woohoo! 


friday high five

it's friday! it's friday!
which means i'm linking up for a little bit of five on friday!
i'm feeling extra spanish today though so we're going to call it cinco on viernes!

book club has lost every sense of the word book
we drink wine, gossip and dance to michael jackson just dance. 
i wouldn't have it any other way.
sweet kaitlin in the back row is due with baby will any day now!
we were hoping a little bit of thriller would encourage will to make his debut.
but instead i think it scared him a little bit. 

speaking of babies...
remember krista from this photo post? she welcomed baby hudson on tuesday!

i'm so excited for natasha, caroline and jeff for sweet baby carson! xo

it's baby season!!

i'm in love with my garden.
i could spend hours working in it a day and never knew the type of peace that comes with weeding.
did i seriously just say that? i'm so old.
really though, i cannot wait for the harvest. 
(harvest? who am i? that's legit garden jargon.) try saying garden jargon five times fast.
corn, green beans, mint, basil, tomatoes, hot peppers, sweet peppers, squash. yum!

i was getting myself mentally prepared to get out of bed this morning when it hit me:
i bought ice to bring to lauren's last night but 12 hours later 
i realized the ice is still in my back seat. 
i thought it was weird she was drinking a mojito with no ice but figured it was her choice.
to make matters worse, when i went to check the damage this morning,
i realized i put the bag of ice right smack dab on top of my 
betsy johnson black leather clutch.
#majorfail #blondemoment

my hardworking husband has been working like a freaking maniac lately
which makes me welcome the weekend with open arms and a big wet slobbery kiss!
i'm pretty certain john will be spending most of his time on the golf course
but the thought of him enjoying his free time and not working makes me happy!
and i'll be at the pool.


what are your weekend plans? xo! 


lovin' blogs

my friend bob dylan said it the best:
"the times they are a-changin'" 
and i'm willing to betcha he didn't realize just how much.

if i had to guess, i'd say bob dylan was referring to the phenomena 
that would happen nearly five decades after the release of his song...

google reader is going away. for. ev. er.

but don't fret my pet because i have a solution!

so don't forget to transfer over your current google reader blogs and 
definitely do not forget to follow {this girl} on bloglovin' now!

are you on bloglovin' yet? let me know your thoughts! 


his and her

john and i have a little more than four months until we hit the one year mark
which means we can no longer call ourselves newlyweds. 
the term may sound sweet, innocent and naive but in reality, 
it means constant learning, navigating unknown territory and thinking before you speak.
 you guessed it. today, we are discussing marriage. m a r r i a g e . 
let me preface this with saying the following: everyones opinions are different and the following words are my own. you don't have to agree and that's fine with me. but i'd love to know your opinion as well. 
these are some of the lessons i've learned in the almost-eight months as mr & mrs.
also, john and i are very happily married (right john, right?) ;) 
but it's not to say the first year of marriage is full of unicorns, money and jelly beans.

nothing is about me anymore. 
john may disagree on this, but if he only knew how selfish i really am and 
how much i really do sacrifice, he'd agree. 

go to bed mad. and sometimes, it's okay if one of you is on the couch. 
the whole "don't go to bed mad" thing is ridiculous. if we didn't go to bed mad, we would either go days with no sleep (which isn't healthy for anyone) or we'd be making our own snapped episode. neither of those two things are pretty, so go to bed mad. the problem will still be there in the morning (i promise) and you won't have the same huge black bags under your eyes.

i've said it before and i'll say it again... working on a relationship is different than forcing a relationship. 

don't keep score. protect your marriage. speak kindly. trust them. 

about two years ago, john and i were entering hour three of the type of fight that makes or breaks relationships. i was entering hour two of continuous talking without allowing him to say a single word and all the sudden, he started laughing. laughing. laughing! he said, "i am sorry that i'm laughing but this is the most eloquent i've ever heard you speak."
it was right then i realized the importance of laughter in a relationship. and even though i was so mad, it made me step back and keep my eye on the prize, which is my smokin' hot mister.

it's okay if you don't have the same butterflies you had when you were celebrating your three month dating anniversary. butterflies fade, but i'll tell ya one thing - there ain't nothin in this world i wouldn't do for that guy. 

make a husband pact with your friends. i did. 
I promise to listen to you complain about your husband even in the most dire terms, without it affecting my good opinion of him. I will agree with your harshest criticism, accept your gloomiest predictions. I will nod and furrow my brow and sigh when you describe him as a hideous ogre. Then when your fight is over and love shines again like a beautiful sunbeam in your life, I promise to forget everything you said and regard him as the most charming of princes once more. The husband pact is very useful because you want to be able to vent to your friend without having her actually start hating your husband. Because you don't really mean all those things you say. And she, the swearer of the pact, knows this.

pray together. and if prayer isn't your thing, find some type of quiet time together to talk to each other and discuss the positives of your relationship. 

make future plans. and look forward to them. weekend plans, 40 year anniversary vacations, dinner dates, or dream of how you will spend your first borns 18th birthday.

learn your love languages and learn his too. just because he doesn't show you he loves you in the exact way you want him to doesn't mean it doesn't love you the best he knows how. 

"Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. 
A cord of three strands is not quickly broken."
john and i keep God as the third piece of a braid in our lives.
marriage takes three; you, your spouse, and God.

finances. they're not pretty. but its easier to battle through the mess if you sit down, discuss them, and work together to pay off debts, save, spend and work.

have fun. its your life too and you want to be with someone that makes your life a better place, right? guess what, he does too. 

i love you, johnny. 

thoughts? anything to add? xo


toothless in kentucky

huh? toothless? in kentucky? we'll get to that in just one second...
friday night, we celebrated the nuptials of our friends kellen and cassie,
which john was a very handsome groomsman. 

after the wedding, we met these girls out and my life was complete.
jenny, the top left, is the one getting hitched in september in cabo (!!)
and since she's currently living in chicago, it was quite the celebration
to have her (and lindsey!) back in good ol' louisville. 

you can call us the fab five you prefer. or just crazy. we'll answer to anything. 

saturday night, john and i went to a bourbon tasting event for charity
on the ohio river under the walking bridge. 
angels envy with peaches may be my new favorite. 
or woodford on the rocks, which is a classic favorite.

father's day. my dad and my step dad. can't imagine life without them.

and john got his father this card which has made me laugh out loud at least six times.
"dad, i know i was difficult, challenging, and a real pain-in-the-butt growing up.
but on father's day i just wanted you to know...
...you were no cake walk either"
haaaahahhhaaaa i'm still laughing at this. the ironic correctness of this is undeniable.

we're getting closer to the toothless in kentucky explanation. and no, it's not about colton.
colton was busy watching the rain with his ipad, chaise lounge and umbrella.

but i was busy playing in the new bouncy house taylor got for fathers day.
and yes, you guessed correctly. i became toothless in kentucky.
i was having a ball and my killer necklace came up
and let's just say:  necklace: 1  tooth: 0
i spent the early portion of monday morning at the dentist.
after costing more than the bouncy house itself,
i have a tooth that looks how it did when i woke up yesterday morning: normal.

lessons from a 27 year old: remove jewelry before playing in a bouncy house.
or leave the bouncy houses to the children. either one.

i'm still too insecure to post a picture of my redneck, toothless self from yesterday.
maybe someday i'll show ya.

{insert toothless smiley face here}


five friday confessions

today is friday! it's friday! it's friday!  
i'm linking up with leslie and confessing my confessions today.
AND i'm linking with my girl natasha for five on friday! 
i'm out of control i tell you!
1.  i confess i had one of the best thursday nights 
last night at kellen and cassies rehearsal dinner.
i confess i have no doubts john will be the most handsome groomsmen
in their wedding tonight. i'm not biased at all, i promise.
{borrowed from instagram}
2.  i confess the new people i met last night may be some of the coolest people ever.
i confess they would think i'm weird if i wrote about them the next day on my blog.
3.  i confess i hope they don't find out about this blog until at least tomorrow.
4.  i confess i wore fake eyelashes last night (as an upcoming product review!)
and i definitely confess i took them off on the car ride home and 
stuck them on johns dashboard screen. 
i confess i laughed out loud but he wasn't as thrilled.

5.  i confess i can't stand the word confess anymore.

i confess i'm soooo happy it's friday!!!!!!!!

any confessions for you, toots?


my own business story

in sixth grade, a classmate and i started a business.
we named it jaycca and within weeks, 
we were contemplating bringing on investorsand expanding to a warehouse. 
(okay, the investors and a warehouse is a lie but the weekly growth is true.)

let me explain the concept of jaycca.
we made edible paper. 
no, it wasn't fda certified, but it could've been.

congratulations, reader! you are about to receive an EXCLUSIVE recipe that
i have kept secret for decades years!

dip your construction paper (an array of sizes and colors is encouraged)
into lemon juice until it is nice and soaked.
cover the lemon-juiced-construction paper with sugar.
gently place on a cookie sheet. 
put in oven, but i don't remember the temperature or time.

but seriously, that's what we did and within a few weeks,
we expanded our product line of the original edible paper to 
edible stationery. personalized, customized, and reasonably priced.
it was mind blowing and keeping the inventory up was a struggle.
our clients included the entire middle school, teachers, janitors, and 
it was quickly hitting the elementary school classrooms and church groups.

sounds great and successful, right?

the friday before spring break (1997ish) was the official date of my first failed business.

it wasn't because of me, my business partner or the product. 
my science teacher tattle taled on me for "soliciting on school property"
and proceeded to confiscate my official manila envelope inventory AND profits.

so there i sat, the beginning of my sixth grade spring break glory days,
with a feeling of defeat while my teacher had an extra jingle in her pocket.

my pride and jaycca were lost that day.
however, the weeks leading up to the ultimate demise
and the sweet taste of success was enough to keep my spirits up.

i may not have as much money today as the $52.77 jaycca profited.
i may not have the same naive outlook that people want to watch others succeed.
i may not have the stomach problems brought on by edible paper.
and i may not have great memories of that teacher.

but what i do have is enough to make me happy.
what's that, you ask?
a darn good story. and that, that makes me happy.


the newest dr and mrs

lizzie and i were attached at the hip as early as age 2.
over one billion of my childhood memories include little lizzie
and i feel overly blessed to think of the adult memories we've created too.
friendships like ours are rare and i'm incredibly thankful for her.

but this post isn't about lizzie and me...
it's about lizzie and her new husband, her john! 
my john and i, pre-tearin' up the dance floor.

i'm clearly irresistible. 

their wedding was g.o.r.g.e.o.u.s.

it was outside, perfect weather, incredible band, delicious food,
and their love was contagious! 
if you live in the louisville area, check out cover me badd for your band!

it was a vintage feel with personal touches and pure perfection.

john and curt. because they love each other.

and michael and alex. baby sutton is due next month and we can't wait!

the newlyweds photo from the photographers facebook post here.

YAY marriage!!!  

we spent the rest of the weekend at the country club,
where i felt very old and kept trying to charge everything 
to my parents account which apparently is frowned upon now.

how was your weekend?
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