blues, boards, and boxes

see this kid? my 2 year old nephew? the one that swims in big boy underwear?
he's now swimming all by himself these days and it's ridiculously precious to see how proud he is.
i can't believe i forgot to share this with y'all...
kellen and cassie rehearsal dinner had a little corner dedicated to kellen's childhood
decked out with his "no girls aloud" sign. hilarious. he man womans haters club.
"no girls aloud. boys if no the password. if you now the password you have to tell us your (illegible word) and phone number and your favorite team in the sports."

lookie lookie! i'm an influenster and i love it!
i can't wait to share these products with y'all in more detail soon but for now, i'll let you drool over the amazingness that is the i do voxbox. 
disclosure: i did receive these products complimentary for testing purposes from influenster.
but when i get around to the reviewing, all opinions and comments will be my own.


tomorrow is hump day! woohoo! 

1 comment:

Laura {happily ever} Parker said...

Hey lady! I am apart of Influenster too! I just got a Mary Kay box - looking forward to your review!

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