five friday confessions

today is friday! it's friday! it's friday!  
i'm linking up with leslie and confessing my confessions today.
AND i'm linking with my girl natasha for five on friday! 
i'm out of control i tell you!
1.  i confess i had one of the best thursday nights 
last night at kellen and cassies rehearsal dinner.
i confess i have no doubts john will be the most handsome groomsmen
in their wedding tonight. i'm not biased at all, i promise.
{borrowed from instagram}
2.  i confess the new people i met last night may be some of the coolest people ever.
i confess they would think i'm weird if i wrote about them the next day on my blog.
3.  i confess i hope they don't find out about this blog until at least tomorrow.
4.  i confess i wore fake eyelashes last night (as an upcoming product review!)
and i definitely confess i took them off on the car ride home and 
stuck them on johns dashboard screen. 
i confess i laughed out loud but he wasn't as thrilled.

5.  i confess i can't stand the word confess anymore.

i confess i'm soooo happy it's friday!!!!!!!!

any confessions for you, toots?


Sarah said...

I have a weird time telling people that I blog. I almost get embarrassed that they know. Even worse when someone says "oh I read your blog"....

Laura {happily ever} Parker said...

Found you through 5onf and laughed out loud about confession #2! :) Your newest follower!


April of A. Liz Adventures said...

The false eyelashes ... HA! I love that! Thanks so much for linking up with us -- love your blog :)

Jordan Shaner said...

False eyelashes are a pain!! I feel ya girl! Love your confessions!




Caitlin C. said...

Loveee your dress in these pictures! And I definitely laughed out loud at the eyelash thing - too funny!

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