cure your case of the mondays

the monday after a short week is always a productive one,
which means i have a ton of work ahead of me.
{woodford loves car rides}

since no one has time for 18 hours of blogging today, 
here's a {close to wordless} monday photo that
if it doesn't make you laugh, your case of the mondays is incurable.

happy monday! :)



A Simple Southern Life said...

haha, he is precious!!

Ashley said...

woodford is THE best #fact #loveauntashley

Toni :O) said...

Okay, I don't ever comment but this photo had me bustin out laughing!

Lynzy said...

How cute!!

I love OLIVER! That was a boys name on our list as well! That is such a cute nick name- Ollie!

xoxo Lynzy

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