friday five

i've always loved notebooks, the feeling of paper, and a pen that felt perfect. i recently became "one of those girls" and bought two may designs notebooks and i kid you not - they've changed my life. it's getting to the point where i write my blog posts with pen and paper which makes it awfully difficult to "publish" when it's not on the computer. treat yourself today and design your own book!

i haven't bought anything from fifth & mae yet but in my mind, i own everything in the store. for a whopping $4.95, this anchored ring could be all mine. their jewelry is dainty, creative, cute, and inexpensive. and their ampersand ring? sold. 
has anyone bought from there? thoughts? feelings? emotions? 

back in the day, i used to be scared of change. but these days, i have a ton of change in my daily happenings and i couldn't be more excited to share everything with you as soon as i can! God has a wonderful sense of humor and i am loving where my life is headed. 

my "baby fever" is very unpredictable these days. but last night, i got to hang with my best friends baby, oscar and let. me. tell. you. this baby is a little slice of heaven with paradise and palm trees. the breaking of the wind is the only sound he makes (hehe) and those big eyes make me want to freak out and take him home with me.  
plus it was woodfords first taste of having a baby around and let's just say he failed the test. 
at our house, the one and only rule is "no butt holes on pillows, no exceptions"
and i'm fairly certain the only rule at their house is "don't sit on the baby"
which woodford did not follow. 
woodford and oscar did french kiss though so i felt a second date could be on the horizon.  

i promise i won't mention my wreck again on the blog but i owe it to you to let ya know...
i will be receiving a check for $25 every month for OVER TWO YEARS. 
while i'm pleasantly surprised the uninsured, unlicensed dumb dumb is paying at all,
it's painful to have to continue to deal with this for 30 months. 


Laura {happily ever} Parker said...

"No buttholes on pillows" ha classic! Dealing with your car wreck for over 2 years is ridiculous buuuut silver lining you're getting paid!! Happy Friday girl!

Dawn said...

I have got to get a may book- so cute!! Love the jewelry site too! :) That little guy looks good in your arms;)

April of A. Liz Adventures said...

Woodford's rules ... that is hilarious! I love it!

Getting paid for 30 months is definitely lengthy, but hey -- justifies a monthly Target run for sure :)

Thanks SO much for linking up with us!

Nicole Michelle Centers said...

that baby is just too cute!

I understand why you have baby fever ;)


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