friday high five

it's friday! it's friday!
which means i'm linking up for a little bit of five on friday!
i'm feeling extra spanish today though so we're going to call it cinco on viernes!

book club has lost every sense of the word book
we drink wine, gossip and dance to michael jackson just dance. 
i wouldn't have it any other way.
sweet kaitlin in the back row is due with baby will any day now!
we were hoping a little bit of thriller would encourage will to make his debut.
but instead i think it scared him a little bit. 

speaking of babies...
remember krista from this photo post? she welcomed baby hudson on tuesday!

i'm so excited for natasha, caroline and jeff for sweet baby carson! xo

it's baby season!!

i'm in love with my garden.
i could spend hours working in it a day and never knew the type of peace that comes with weeding.
did i seriously just say that? i'm so old.
really though, i cannot wait for the harvest. 
(harvest? who am i? that's legit garden jargon.) try saying garden jargon five times fast.
corn, green beans, mint, basil, tomatoes, hot peppers, sweet peppers, squash. yum!

i was getting myself mentally prepared to get out of bed this morning when it hit me:
i bought ice to bring to lauren's last night but 12 hours later 
i realized the ice is still in my back seat. 
i thought it was weird she was drinking a mojito with no ice but figured it was her choice.
to make matters worse, when i went to check the damage this morning,
i realized i put the bag of ice right smack dab on top of my 
betsy johnson black leather clutch.
#majorfail #blondemoment

my hardworking husband has been working like a freaking maniac lately
which makes me welcome the weekend with open arms and a big wet slobbery kiss!
i'm pretty certain john will be spending most of his time on the golf course
but the thought of him enjoying his free time and not working makes me happy!
and i'll be at the pool.


what are your weekend plans? xo! 


Laura {happily ever} Parker said...

Ha I love cinco en viernes! Your book club looks just like mine - about the only thing we read is wine labels! Happy Friday!

Flannery said...

I want to join a book club like this!

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