life after college: sam edition

today, my little sister is moving to atlanta to begin her life after college.
my little sister who is technically not littler than me. nor technically my sister.
my parents divorce almost 13 years ago eventually led to one of my favorite parts of life: sam.
let me explain ... sam is four years younger than me and we actually grew up less than a mile away from each other and our best friends were actually sisters. i had no idea she would later become my own best friend and my own sister.  
both of our parents divorced and life carried on. like i said, we grew up in the same town. her brother (now my stepbrother) and i went to school together from kindergarten to eighth grade. her dad was my knee doctor. my sister babysat them. both families vacationed in west palm beach. there are too many dimensions to even attempt to explain, but it all just made sense.
in the beginning, it was weird how much fun sam and i had together when my mom and her dad (rick and barb) forced arranged "blended" family get togethers when they were dating. it may or may not have got to the point that rick and barb couldn't break up because sam and i were too close. 
you're welcome, rick and barb.  

sam, please enjoy the following photos, jokes, stories and quotes. 
and don't forget all the life lessons i've taught you... 
"harsh wine tastes like salmon lipstick."

my roomie on every family trip. thank you for letting me hold your pinky while i sleep.
thank you for taking my picture to document the time i mooned venice, italy.

our wedding day wouldn't have been complete without you as my maid of honor.
being colton's aunt couldn't be complete without you sharing the "aunt" name. 

this undie rug is the greatest gift i've ever given and 
you're the only person that would truly appreciate that.

CARPETS. carpets on the flooooor.

you look like a hatching dinosaur, even on wedgie mountain.

another name to househump over nubbin york. clearly.

stay afloat.

yoo wan me take pictah ov ouu?  yum, sure. thanks. 

today, i am incredibly thankful for the broken road that you made complete and would never want to imagine my life without you as my little sister. i can't help but be a proud big sister of the woman you have become with the crazy, unpredictable journey you've endured.  
i love you and can't wait to tear up the a-t-l with you. 

xo, me

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Laura {happily ever} Parker said...

What an awesome thing to come from a divorce!! Sisters are THE BEST! I honestly could not imagine my life without mine :)

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