lovin' blogs

my friend bob dylan said it the best:
"the times they are a-changin'" 
and i'm willing to betcha he didn't realize just how much.

if i had to guess, i'd say bob dylan was referring to the phenomena 
that would happen nearly five decades after the release of his song...

google reader is going away. for. ev. er.

but don't fret my pet because i have a solution!

so don't forget to transfer over your current google reader blogs and 
definitely do not forget to follow {this girl} on bloglovin' now!

are you on bloglovin' yet? let me know your thoughts! 


Just Dont Tell Anyone said...

ALL is done! new follower of yours!
great blog, though! (:

Young and Fabulous said...

Just followed you on bloglovin!! I'm seriously stressed/have NO idea about this whole bloglovin thing. I hate change sometimes! hahaha


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