my own business story

in sixth grade, a classmate and i started a business.
we named it jaycca and within weeks, 
we were contemplating bringing on investorsand expanding to a warehouse. 
(okay, the investors and a warehouse is a lie but the weekly growth is true.)

let me explain the concept of jaycca.
we made edible paper. 
no, it wasn't fda certified, but it could've been.

congratulations, reader! you are about to receive an EXCLUSIVE recipe that
i have kept secret for decades years!

dip your construction paper (an array of sizes and colors is encouraged)
into lemon juice until it is nice and soaked.
cover the lemon-juiced-construction paper with sugar.
gently place on a cookie sheet. 
put in oven, but i don't remember the temperature or time.

but seriously, that's what we did and within a few weeks,
we expanded our product line of the original edible paper to 
edible stationery. personalized, customized, and reasonably priced.
it was mind blowing and keeping the inventory up was a struggle.
our clients included the entire middle school, teachers, janitors, and 
it was quickly hitting the elementary school classrooms and church groups.

sounds great and successful, right?

the friday before spring break (1997ish) was the official date of my first failed business.

it wasn't because of me, my business partner or the product. 
my science teacher tattle taled on me for "soliciting on school property"
and proceeded to confiscate my official manila envelope inventory AND profits.

so there i sat, the beginning of my sixth grade spring break glory days,
with a feeling of defeat while my teacher had an extra jingle in her pocket.

my pride and jaycca were lost that day.
however, the weeks leading up to the ultimate demise
and the sweet taste of success was enough to keep my spirits up.

i may not have as much money today as the $52.77 jaycca profited.
i may not have the same naive outlook that people want to watch others succeed.
i may not have the stomach problems brought on by edible paper.
and i may not have great memories of that teacher.

but what i do have is enough to make me happy.
what's that, you ask?
a darn good story. and that, that makes me happy.

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According to Jax said...

OMG! I'm cracking up...best story ever!

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