photography debut: hudson perry

dearest friends,
i could not be more excited to share with you my newest endeavor... 
photography. real photography.
my beautiful friend, krista, is due with her first baby, 
hudson perry any day now and i was incredibly 
honored to photograph the glowing mama.

how perfect is his crib decor?

i can't wait for the after photo and the chance to meet him! 
this beautiful elephant painting is a twiggy original. 

in case you forgot his name, it's hudson. :) 
hudson perry.

sheer sheet perfection.

krista, you are going to be an incredible mama
with more love than two parents could give together. 
you are the strongest person i've ever known and 
although you've been dealt a crazy hand, you've played it perfectly!


1 comment:

Lindsay said...

SO excited for you friend. This is awesome. xo

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