the newest dr and mrs

lizzie and i were attached at the hip as early as age 2.
over one billion of my childhood memories include little lizzie
and i feel overly blessed to think of the adult memories we've created too.
friendships like ours are rare and i'm incredibly thankful for her.

but this post isn't about lizzie and me...
it's about lizzie and her new husband, her john! 
my john and i, pre-tearin' up the dance floor.

i'm clearly irresistible. 

their wedding was g.o.r.g.e.o.u.s.

it was outside, perfect weather, incredible band, delicious food,
and their love was contagious! 
if you live in the louisville area, check out cover me badd for your band!

it was a vintage feel with personal touches and pure perfection.

john and curt. because they love each other.

and michael and alex. baby sutton is due next month and we can't wait!

the newlyweds photo from the photographers facebook post here.

YAY marriage!!!  

we spent the rest of the weekend at the country club,
where i felt very old and kept trying to charge everything 
to my parents account which apparently is frowned upon now.

how was your weekend?

1 comment:

liz said...

OHHH!!! YAY!! This is great! :) Makes me want to start stalking my photographer to see more pics! :)

Love, Lizzie

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