toothless in kentucky

huh? toothless? in kentucky? we'll get to that in just one second...
friday night, we celebrated the nuptials of our friends kellen and cassie,
which john was a very handsome groomsman. 

after the wedding, we met these girls out and my life was complete.
jenny, the top left, is the one getting hitched in september in cabo (!!)
and since she's currently living in chicago, it was quite the celebration
to have her (and lindsey!) back in good ol' louisville. 

you can call us the fab five you prefer. or just crazy. we'll answer to anything. 

saturday night, john and i went to a bourbon tasting event for charity
on the ohio river under the walking bridge. 
angels envy with peaches may be my new favorite. 
or woodford on the rocks, which is a classic favorite.

father's day. my dad and my step dad. can't imagine life without them.

and john got his father this card which has made me laugh out loud at least six times.
"dad, i know i was difficult, challenging, and a real pain-in-the-butt growing up.
but on father's day i just wanted you to know...
...you were no cake walk either"
haaaahahhhaaaa i'm still laughing at this. the ironic correctness of this is undeniable.

we're getting closer to the toothless in kentucky explanation. and no, it's not about colton.
colton was busy watching the rain with his ipad, chaise lounge and umbrella.

but i was busy playing in the new bouncy house taylor got for fathers day.
and yes, you guessed correctly. i became toothless in kentucky.
i was having a ball and my killer necklace came up
and let's just say:  necklace: 1  tooth: 0
i spent the early portion of monday morning at the dentist.
after costing more than the bouncy house itself,
i have a tooth that looks how it did when i woke up yesterday morning: normal.

lessons from a 27 year old: remove jewelry before playing in a bouncy house.
or leave the bouncy houses to the children. either one.

i'm still too insecure to post a picture of my redneck, toothless self from yesterday.
maybe someday i'll show ya.

{insert toothless smiley face here}

1 comment:

Laura {happily ever} Parker said...

Oh no!! Thank goodness for dentists. Jewelry removal is a must you can't leave all the fun to the kids with the bounce house. :)

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