how to: paint furniture

one of my personal strengths is planning and beginning projects.
one of my weaknesses is letting said project sit unfinished for eras. 
enter, my new desk project.
i forgot to take a before before picture so imagine this being an old desk with no white primer.
this is how i paint furniture:

1. remove all drawers and hardware. tip: don't drop/lose any small nails in the grass. guilty.

2. lightly sand entire piece - including individual drawers. remove all dust and lightly clean.

3. prime the entire piece and drawers with an oil-based primer. remember: this layers are best.

i had some white primer around the house so i used that, 
but it's super cheap and a little bit goes a long way.

i started this project outside but when temperatures were flirting with triple digits, 
i whipped out my guns and brought this sucker inside where i could keep cool, be productive, all while watching sex and the city. 
now, you add some color!
4. PAINT! i used a small brush for corners and small areas and a small roller for large areas to ensure a smooth texture. 
i used: behr cool lava to spice up my closet/office room.
remember: paint from top to bottom so you can smooth out any paint that may have dripped. 
also, remember: paint MORE THING coats instead of just two thick, nasty, clumpy coats.

5. since i knew this desk will probably see a solid amount of use, i added a secret weapon:
water-based polycrylic.

the hardware was grode-nasty lookin' so i decided to paint it a great navy blue, which we ever-so-conveniently had in the basement. however... i was about 3/4 of the way finished and i ran out. 

plan b:
i went with this stuff. and i'm happy i did. it's subtle, fresh, and glamorous.

ta! da!
so fresh and so clean! clean!

i love the pop of color it adds but it still screams "sit with me and be productive!"

i added these lovely drawer liners and they're certainly the final touch to make the project a success.

i have had so much fun filling these drawers with pretty items and john loves the fact my wrapping paper is no longer drowning his tool box... but it's not like he uses it anyway. 
i'm funny.

it's amazing what a few coats of paint can do to a soul!



9 months and 2 babies

that's right my friends, 9 months and 2 babies!!!
but if you thought that implied we're having twins, it doesn't. #wearenotpregnant
instead, it means this:

on monday, john and i celebrated 9 months and 2 days of marriage. AND...
my sister (my matron of honor) AND alex (one of my bridesmaids)
BOTH gave birth to BEAUTIFUL baby BOYS 20 minutes apart!

not only does this mean i have the BEST bridesmaids in the world who sacrificed being pregnant for our wedding festivities and waited until after the nuptials to get pregnant, but it also means it's safe to say our wedding was a success and our liquor bill was certainly worth it! :) :) :)

my nephew, luke taylor, and alex & michael's precious nugget sutton henry.
both baby boys weighed 8 pounds 13 ounces and were both 21 inches.

i'm such a ridiculously proud aunt with two beautiful, perfect nephews.
colton is already the best big brother and luke is a dream come true.

i could eat him right up.

jessie, the total rockstar right after giving birth. ummm, pure beauty?! i think so!!

he already loves me. i just know he does.
uncle john loves baby luke too and my heart melted when he held the little guy.
we kept repeating: "our babies heads are fallin' off!"  
no, no actual baby heads fell off though. success!

john and i pretended baby sutton belonged to us for a great photo op.
alex and michael will be bringing sutton home to his new siblings of two dogs and three cats
and i have zero doubt their growing home will be full of love!

jess and alex - you two are incredible! i hope i have half of the positive attitude and beauty after giving birth that you both had. i couldn't be happier to be a part of your ever changing lives and thank God for blessing me with y'all as two of my best friends and blessing me with being a part of your baby boys lives. crazy aunt jayme couldn't be happier!

and no, i'm not going to mention the royal baby because clearly these two additions are my princes and won't be overshadowed with the birth of kate and williams wee one. 
who wants to be a prince anyway?



five: i'm alive!

1. i spent a consecutive six days away from the computer. i've been MIA and spending my week between jobs soaking up life. it's been everything i thought it would be: relaxing, overwhelming, exciting, productive, and QUICK. i begin my new job on monday and i cannot freaking wait. 

2. i guess i owe y'all some updates! eh?  
on the job front: (i'm keeping it brief over here) my new job is marketing for a large healthcare company. words cannot express how grateful i am for the way things have worked out and this new opportunity is beyond my wildest dreams. i could not have written a chapter of this part of my life any better myself. 
as melissa gorga says, "thank you jesus!"

on the aunt front: my sister, jessie, is due on the 29th so with 10 days to go, there's nothing to report quite yet. except i cannot wait to squeeze it's little face right off.

3. since i had the week off, i ventured to northern kentucky to spend some quality time with my grandparents. 
my grandmother is a very talented artist with an art studio in her basement to match.
the hall is decked with her work, most of which are awaiting their new homes in various galleries and some are works in progress. 

this is where masterpieces are created. 

an artists dream.

and if you were to turn to your right, you'd see this:
one of the most perfect views of the ohio river. it's not the prettiest river color, and definitely not the safest of waters, but it's gods creation which makes it amazing. you can see for miles and when there's a concert at riverbend, you can treat yourself to a glass of wine and listen to the music from far in the distance. 

on the reverse side, the glass house is full of windows, views, and wildlife. 

the very first picture of one of my grandmothers which is an original painting in the 
cincinnati art museum. 

i loved spending time with them and proud to announce she will be publishing her second book in a few months! stay tuned :)

4. i have been busy taking care of some projects around the house and can't wait to show y'all my new work space, basement updates, and additional changes. 

5. i hope you have a WONDERFUL weekend and enjoy the sunshine! 



friday five: movin' on

1. walkin on sunshine.
yup, i'm walkin on sunshine today. 
{do you remember when tara lipinski ice skated to this song because i do and it was one of the greatest things i've ever watched. i took up ice skating for 3 months after that. epic fail.}
to sum it up: it's my last day at my job. while the last year has been an experience, i couldn't be happier, or more ready to begin a new journey. i'd like to compare the current feeling i have with senioritis.

and my sweet, thoughtful dad left the sweetest card on my doorstep yesterday with a bottle of champagne to toast my new, exciting endeavors with my book club last night!  poppin' bottles!

2. gomi
dear bloggers, is it a good thing or a bad thing to become a discussion board on gomi? i can't decide. #ithappened

3. treat yourself
i'm a strong believer in treating yourself and the ending of one journey to the beginning of another is a perfect time. with that said, any info you could provide on the following lenses would be much appreciated.

4. vacations planned
nothing makes me happier than having trips planned and something to look forward to. lucky for me, i have several exciting ventures coming up before 2014 hits. 
including: chicago, atlanta, cabo san lucas, destin florida, and hawaii! #milehighclub

5. summer cookouts
these summer temperatures have been off the charts lately, putting a major damper on my summer cookout fests, plus the bugs are taking over the world which completely grosses me out. with that being said, i am forcing myself to embrace the sweltering heat to get my fix before winter comes around. 

what are your friday fives? 

have a wonderful weekend!


bedroom oasis: before and after

the weekend of the 4th of july 2013 was quite different than years past. 
we swapped out the sunshine for rain, 
pools for tools, and 
lushes for brushes.

that's right friends. john and i finally made over our bedroom. 
afterwards, i referred to it as a "bedroom oasis" which john stated, 
"don't go that far. but it's a lot better."
one of the greatest "before" pictures clearly includes woodford and his ears.

so here are some before shots. see, its white/tan/beige/booooring with a side of dull and bright at the same time. not exactly the calming effect i would've picked. 

i have a tendency to be a terrible decision maker. but when i do make a decision, watch out!
i go 110% and this project was no exception. 
when i saw benjamin moore's boothbay gray paint, i knew it belonged on my walls. 
i didn't mess around with the whole 
"bring a tester home and see how it changes with the lighting blah blah blah."
i brought home a whole mess of paint, tarps, brushes, rollers, and fancy corner apparatuses.

the during.
john was a great co-painter and electrician because he insisted we get a new ceiling fan.
and install it ourselves. the next ceiling fan we buy, we'll hire an installer too. 

the after... 
calming, soothing, exciting, and relaxing all in one. 

we also treated ourselves to some new curtains (or is it drapes?) that go with the bedding and add some sunshine to the room.

i love it.

this picture frame makes us laugh almost everyday because it says things like friends, good times, holding hands, support and other funny things that aren't normal to put pictures into unless you're a 14 year old girl and the picture is of you with other girls you don't remember their names 10 years later. 

our silver wedding photo frames stand out and add some spiffiness in the area.

even the darker corners look snuggly.

i painted these nightstands awhile and thought about repainting them something not as bright but now i really enjoy them, especially next to the yellow.

usually our bedding matches the pillows but woodford loves to shed anywhere and everywhere so we have several duvet we switch out on an almost daily basis. but you get the idea. 

i couldn't not include a glimpse of the new ceiling fan. we bought the hunter highbury fan and i completely underestimated how much difference a fan could make. it even comes with a fancy remote, which after three days of having, i can't imagine my life without a fan remote. 

some of my other favorite colors include: (all benjamin moore)
palladian blue, grant beige, rock port gray, and salisbury green.

things left to do: 
put up art behind bed
new lampshades
put house up for sale

what's that you saw? put house up for sale? coming soon :)

what do you think?!  



can't help but smile

life on this side has been pretty neat lately. 
i'm glad to report everyone is happy and healthy and while so many of my friends are experiencing life changes, mostly by welcoming new babies, 
john and i are welcoming life changes, mostly by job changes and paint colors. 
first, i am so happy to report about this little family and their joys. 
pat and kaitlin welcomed baby william patrick last friday.
however, their pup, lucy, was spending the weekend at her grandparents house and to make a long story short, lucy decided to spend her time on the harsh streets of 'da ville from friday until monday evening. i'll admit, it was hard for me to have pure joy in my heart about the new baby when i knew their first baby was missing. thank God for dog collars and nice people to return family members home. 
i can't help but smile when i see all four of them together and 
the fact lucy finally got to meet her little brother.
i can't help but smile when i look at sweet baby caroline. caroline was born yesterday morning to the gorgeous julie and her hub davey. 
in case you forgot, here's julie before the above photo happened. :)

i can't help but smile when i think about how God answers prayers. 
i am so happy and grateful to announce i am moving onto my next phase of my career and my last day at my current job is this friday. my answered prayer is well worth the wait and while the last year as been interesting, i can't help but smile when i look at my future. 

sneak peek! 
before & after.
john and i used this rainy rainy rainy weekend to be productive around the house! i can't wait to reveal our new bedroom coming soon! i adore the paint job and we've added some touches that well, i can't help but smile when i set my eyes on our new "bedroom oasis," if you will. 

happy happy joy joy it's monday and it's a new week! 
xxoo :) :) :)
what can't help but make you smile today?

photo credit: first photo: thanks facebook. second photo: from julie. other photos: mine. quote: bitsotruth.blogspot.com
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