9 months and 2 babies

that's right my friends, 9 months and 2 babies!!!
but if you thought that implied we're having twins, it doesn't. #wearenotpregnant
instead, it means this:

on monday, john and i celebrated 9 months and 2 days of marriage. AND...
my sister (my matron of honor) AND alex (one of my bridesmaids)
BOTH gave birth to BEAUTIFUL baby BOYS 20 minutes apart!

not only does this mean i have the BEST bridesmaids in the world who sacrificed being pregnant for our wedding festivities and waited until after the nuptials to get pregnant, but it also means it's safe to say our wedding was a success and our liquor bill was certainly worth it! :) :) :)

my nephew, luke taylor, and alex & michael's precious nugget sutton henry.
both baby boys weighed 8 pounds 13 ounces and were both 21 inches.

i'm such a ridiculously proud aunt with two beautiful, perfect nephews.
colton is already the best big brother and luke is a dream come true.

i could eat him right up.

jessie, the total rockstar right after giving birth. ummm, pure beauty?! i think so!!

he already loves me. i just know he does.
uncle john loves baby luke too and my heart melted when he held the little guy.
we kept repeating: "our babies heads are fallin' off!"  
no, no actual baby heads fell off though. success!

john and i pretended baby sutton belonged to us for a great photo op.
alex and michael will be bringing sutton home to his new siblings of two dogs and three cats
and i have zero doubt their growing home will be full of love!

jess and alex - you two are incredible! i hope i have half of the positive attitude and beauty after giving birth that you both had. i couldn't be happier to be a part of your ever changing lives and thank God for blessing me with y'all as two of my best friends and blessing me with being a part of your baby boys lives. crazy aunt jayme couldn't be happier!

and no, i'm not going to mention the royal baby because clearly these two additions are my princes and won't be overshadowed with the birth of kate and williams wee one. 
who wants to be a prince anyway?



Natasha said...

that is a CRAZY coincidence about their weights and stats...even weirder was my friend had her baby monday too and she weighed 8 lbs 13 ounces--eery!!!!

p.s. congrats auntie :)

Laura {happily ever} Parker said...

HA we have a friend who got pregnant on our wedding night as well!! Spread the love!! <3

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