bedroom oasis: before and after

the weekend of the 4th of july 2013 was quite different than years past. 
we swapped out the sunshine for rain, 
pools for tools, and 
lushes for brushes.

that's right friends. john and i finally made over our bedroom. 
afterwards, i referred to it as a "bedroom oasis" which john stated, 
"don't go that far. but it's a lot better."
one of the greatest "before" pictures clearly includes woodford and his ears.

so here are some before shots. see, its white/tan/beige/booooring with a side of dull and bright at the same time. not exactly the calming effect i would've picked. 

i have a tendency to be a terrible decision maker. but when i do make a decision, watch out!
i go 110% and this project was no exception. 
when i saw benjamin moore's boothbay gray paint, i knew it belonged on my walls. 
i didn't mess around with the whole 
"bring a tester home and see how it changes with the lighting blah blah blah."
i brought home a whole mess of paint, tarps, brushes, rollers, and fancy corner apparatuses.

the during.
john was a great co-painter and electrician because he insisted we get a new ceiling fan.
and install it ourselves. the next ceiling fan we buy, we'll hire an installer too. 

the after... 
calming, soothing, exciting, and relaxing all in one. 

we also treated ourselves to some new curtains (or is it drapes?) that go with the bedding and add some sunshine to the room.

i love it.

this picture frame makes us laugh almost everyday because it says things like friends, good times, holding hands, support and other funny things that aren't normal to put pictures into unless you're a 14 year old girl and the picture is of you with other girls you don't remember their names 10 years later. 

our silver wedding photo frames stand out and add some spiffiness in the area.

even the darker corners look snuggly.

i painted these nightstands awhile and thought about repainting them something not as bright but now i really enjoy them, especially next to the yellow.

usually our bedding matches the pillows but woodford loves to shed anywhere and everywhere so we have several duvet we switch out on an almost daily basis. but you get the idea. 

i couldn't not include a glimpse of the new ceiling fan. we bought the hunter highbury fan and i completely underestimated how much difference a fan could make. it even comes with a fancy remote, which after three days of having, i can't imagine my life without a fan remote. 

some of my other favorite colors include: (all benjamin moore)
palladian blue, grant beige, rock port gray, and salisbury green.

things left to do: 
put up art behind bed
new lampshades
put house up for sale

what's that you saw? put house up for sale? coming soon :)

what do you think?!  



Laura {happily ever} Parker said...

Ohh it looks so nice!! And I am so jealous of your ceiling fan!! We rent so we currently do not have one but as soon as we buy one of those suckers is going in right away!!

Diana Mieczan said...

I love the colour. It's a beautifully relaxing and calming shade, plus your curtains and your nightstands totally complement it. Well done to you two:) Happy Wednesday. xo

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