belly sittin' on it

jessie and taylor (my sister and brother in law, if you're new around here)
are having a baby at the end of this month and decided not to find out if it's a boy or girl.
personally, i judge anyone that can be that patient and it drives me nuts to call it, it.
but that's all beside the point because i am here to present some of the last pictures
of it before we find out if it is a boy or girl. phoebe or phoebo. 
big brother colton is already in awe of it and talks to it all day long. 

jessie's energy level never ceases to amaze me because if i were expecting number two (or even number one) i would use it as an excuse to do absolutely nothing all the time. but she will hop up like an olympic runner as soon as colton puts out the "mom, -where- are- you-? i- need- more- juice"- vibe.

they don't have names picked out for it quite yet, but have a few in mind.
they're really struggling though so if you have any ideas, please spill 'em.
the rules, per se: jessie likes "different" names but taylor does not. 
good luck with that.

you motorboatin' son of a ...

colton and jameson are bestest friends and two peas in a pod.
they love each other and i'm so excited to add it into the mix!

so come on out, it! we cannot wait to meet you!
...and personally, i can't wait to give you a name other than it!

love, your crazy aunt jayme.


Laura {happily ever} Parker said...

Awe a new niece or nephew so exciting! I have 5 nephews so the pressure is on me to one day have a girl!!

Diana Mieczan said...

Aww..she looks so beautiful and the boys are totally adorable! Happy Tuesday. xo

Miss Chelsea said...

Such precious photos!

choose to be happy blog said...

they are sooo strong to hold out! actually, i think my mom didnt find out the sex of all three of us Healy babies! and Colton, seriously. he's beautiful, handsome. adorable. all those pretty words rolled into one.

Ashley said...

you could always call it "shim"....although that might give "it" a complex. and that is the cutest motor boater i've ever seen!

Natasha said...

eeekkk!! i cannot wait to hear what babe #2 is...i wish i had the ability to let it be a secret on delivery day but that's just not me, nor will it ever be ;)

you're going to be a FAB aunt once again my dear OXOX

Kerr said...

Phoebe or phoebo. Love it!

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