five: i'm alive!

1. i spent a consecutive six days away from the computer. i've been MIA and spending my week between jobs soaking up life. it's been everything i thought it would be: relaxing, overwhelming, exciting, productive, and QUICK. i begin my new job on monday and i cannot freaking wait. 

2. i guess i owe y'all some updates! eh?  
on the job front: (i'm keeping it brief over here) my new job is marketing for a large healthcare company. words cannot express how grateful i am for the way things have worked out and this new opportunity is beyond my wildest dreams. i could not have written a chapter of this part of my life any better myself. 
as melissa gorga says, "thank you jesus!"

on the aunt front: my sister, jessie, is due on the 29th so with 10 days to go, there's nothing to report quite yet. except i cannot wait to squeeze it's little face right off.

3. since i had the week off, i ventured to northern kentucky to spend some quality time with my grandparents. 
my grandmother is a very talented artist with an art studio in her basement to match.
the hall is decked with her work, most of which are awaiting their new homes in various galleries and some are works in progress. 

this is where masterpieces are created. 

an artists dream.

and if you were to turn to your right, you'd see this:
one of the most perfect views of the ohio river. it's not the prettiest river color, and definitely not the safest of waters, but it's gods creation which makes it amazing. you can see for miles and when there's a concert at riverbend, you can treat yourself to a glass of wine and listen to the music from far in the distance. 

on the reverse side, the glass house is full of windows, views, and wildlife. 

the very first picture of one of my grandmothers which is an original painting in the 
cincinnati art museum. 

i loved spending time with them and proud to announce she will be publishing her second book in a few months! stay tuned :)

4. i have been busy taking care of some projects around the house and can't wait to show y'all my new work space, basement updates, and additional changes. 

5. i hope you have a WONDERFUL weekend and enjoy the sunshine! 



Laura {happily ever} Parker said...

I've missed you! But glad you got some good R&R. How amazing that your grandmother is a talented artist! Is this a gene you inherited as well?!

April of A. Liz Adventures said...

Congrats on the new job ... that is FANTASTIC news! Sounds like a dream job! Thanks for linking up with us :)

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