friday five: movin' on

1. walkin on sunshine.
yup, i'm walkin on sunshine today. 
{do you remember when tara lipinski ice skated to this song because i do and it was one of the greatest things i've ever watched. i took up ice skating for 3 months after that. epic fail.}
to sum it up: it's my last day at my job. while the last year has been an experience, i couldn't be happier, or more ready to begin a new journey. i'd like to compare the current feeling i have with senioritis.

and my sweet, thoughtful dad left the sweetest card on my doorstep yesterday with a bottle of champagne to toast my new, exciting endeavors with my book club last night!  poppin' bottles!

2. gomi
dear bloggers, is it a good thing or a bad thing to become a discussion board on gomi? i can't decide. #ithappened

3. treat yourself
i'm a strong believer in treating yourself and the ending of one journey to the beginning of another is a perfect time. with that said, any info you could provide on the following lenses would be much appreciated.

4. vacations planned
nothing makes me happier than having trips planned and something to look forward to. lucky for me, i have several exciting ventures coming up before 2014 hits. 
including: chicago, atlanta, cabo san lucas, destin florida, and hawaii! #milehighclub

5. summer cookouts
these summer temperatures have been off the charts lately, putting a major damper on my summer cookout fests, plus the bugs are taking over the world which completely grosses me out. with that being said, i am forcing myself to embrace the sweltering heat to get my fix before winter comes around. 

what are your friday fives? 

have a wonderful weekend!


Cole said...

As a photographer, I'd go with #2, but it depends on what you're using it for. :)

Flannery said...

What's your new endeavor? Looking forward to hearing all about it! Also, I think you've made it if people are talking smack on GOMI.

Ashley said...

back the blog boat up. did you get a new job? how are you going to be spending your days?! I need to know!

Also, you were on GOMI?!?! Do I need to cut someone - because I will! #theybetternotbemeantoyou

Third - Tara Lapinski. OMG I LOVED her! Not as much as I loved the Magic 7 after the Olympics - I begged my mom to let me take gymnastics - but TL was a close second :)

Hope you had a FABULOUS weekend muffin!

Melanie said...

I used to watch skating ALL the time. I totally remember Tara! lol


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