how to: paint furniture

one of my personal strengths is planning and beginning projects.
one of my weaknesses is letting said project sit unfinished for eras. 
enter, my new desk project.
i forgot to take a before before picture so imagine this being an old desk with no white primer.
this is how i paint furniture:

1. remove all drawers and hardware. tip: don't drop/lose any small nails in the grass. guilty.

2. lightly sand entire piece - including individual drawers. remove all dust and lightly clean.

3. prime the entire piece and drawers with an oil-based primer. remember: this layers are best.

i had some white primer around the house so i used that, 
but it's super cheap and a little bit goes a long way.

i started this project outside but when temperatures were flirting with triple digits, 
i whipped out my guns and brought this sucker inside where i could keep cool, be productive, all while watching sex and the city. 
now, you add some color!
4. PAINT! i used a small brush for corners and small areas and a small roller for large areas to ensure a smooth texture. 
i used: behr cool lava to spice up my closet/office room.
remember: paint from top to bottom so you can smooth out any paint that may have dripped. 
also, remember: paint MORE THING coats instead of just two thick, nasty, clumpy coats.

5. since i knew this desk will probably see a solid amount of use, i added a secret weapon:
water-based polycrylic.

the hardware was grode-nasty lookin' so i decided to paint it a great navy blue, which we ever-so-conveniently had in the basement. however... i was about 3/4 of the way finished and i ran out. 

plan b:
i went with this stuff. and i'm happy i did. it's subtle, fresh, and glamorous.

ta! da!
so fresh and so clean! clean!

i love the pop of color it adds but it still screams "sit with me and be productive!"

i added these lovely drawer liners and they're certainly the final touch to make the project a success.

i have had so much fun filling these drawers with pretty items and john loves the fact my wrapping paper is no longer drowning his tool box... but it's not like he uses it anyway. 
i'm funny.

it's amazing what a few coats of paint can do to a soul!



Laura {happily ever} Parker said...

This looks awesome! Love the color!! Those must be short rolls of wrap because I am having a hard time imagining the drawers that deep.

Jane {In the Pink and Green} said...

That looks awesome, I love the color you chose! My husband and I are repainting a dresser right now so this is super helpful!

The Whitfields said...

I love the color. So pretty and bright!

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