in the middle of the night

its no secret my grandmother is probably the coolest person you'll ever meet in your life.
she has over one zillion qualities that one person is lucky to have if they possess a single one of them.
to us, she's nanoo. to the world, she's beverly erschell, a world renowned artist.
shameless plug, but i have to do it. here's her website to see some of her work.

unfortunately for me, i received one of her less than desirable traits... insomnia. 
raise your hand if you're a fellow 1am tosser and turner. 

usually between the hours of 11pm and 3am, you'll find me doing one or more of the following:

counting sheep. 
but honestly, there's only so much counting i can really do because once i get to either 289,197,985,783 or 100 for the 9000th time, i'm hot and sweaty because then i start thinking about all the wool being created and it makes me itchy. 

designing my future dream home.
it's incredibly gorgeous with chandeliers hanging at the center of my walk in closet lined with chanel bags and brian atwood heels. it has three mirrored wet bars because each floor must have one. john's man cave is decked out with kentucky paraphernalia and signed baseballs of the games greatest. you get the idea, right? unless you'd like me to explain the kitchen...

telling mean people my actual thoughts.
you may think i'm a lovely, pleasant person. but if you knew the comebacks and one liners i can think of in an insomniac-fueled altercation with myself, you wouldn't want to mess with me.

saying my blessings all the way through the alphabet.
A. i'm thankful for alex; both of them - one being my brother and one being my best friend. B. i'm thankful for blogs. C. i'm thankful for colton, cat and curt. D. dogs. 
keep going until you get to Z and hopefully you'll be asleep.

mentally writing blog posts. 
if only my brain could put these posts into draft form, i'd have a post for every day of my life. 

ambien. melatonin. tylenol pm. nyquil. 
you name it. i've tried it. sleepy time tea, check. milk, check. bourbon, check. 

telling john my deepest darkest secrets. but he never wakes up.

watching woodford sleep. 
i tuck him in each night like a little baby and he loves it. sometimes he will wake up because he can feel me staring at him (i promise its less creepy than that just sounded) and he does that little "dog smile" that only dog mamas can tell when they're doing it. it's peaceful.

what do you do when you can't sleep? any tips? feel free to email me anytime throughout the night (or day) because i'm probably awake, bored and lookin for entertainment. 



According to Jax said...

Do you sleep to any noise??? I go to bed to a CD called "dream waters" I bought it at Bed Bath and Beyond....it's a CD of waves and thunderstorms and it has me out in minutes!! It's so soothing!

If that doesnt work....they make this brownie called "sleepy cake" that you can get at gas stations. Not sure what it has in it, but I'm pretty sure its a date-rape drug because it will make you pass out. ha! :)

Courtney said...

I definitely have some major insomnia, too! I usually get up and start cleaning or folding laundry or whatever other boring chore I need to get caught up on. And I'm definitely guilty of thinking of some good one-liners when I'm lying awake at 1am!

Pamela C said...

I had problems sleeping until I started playing DVDs of old tv shows that I know every line to. I put it on and find myself following along since I know it so well instead of my brain just running wild keeping me awake. Now I'm usually asleep in less than thirty minutes

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