j&t: friday five

happy five on friday!
this is an extra special "five" because my sister and her sweet hubby, taylor,
are celebrating their "five" year anniversary!

in honor of their five year anniversary, here are my top five favorite things about them:

colton. & it.
this guy. my 2 year old nephew who brings so much happiness to my life. 
i couldn't imagine having a husband and nephew be best friends like john and colton are. 
and i can't forget about it. even though it hasn't graced us with it's presence yet, i can't wait to meet it and i know it will be the holder of my heart.  

our napa trip for jessie's 30th birthday.
the long weekend we spent in napa to celebrate three decades of jessie was one of the best weekends of my entire life. it wouldn't have been as perfect if taylor didn't put all the hard work into planning such an event and making each moment flawless.

this guy. it's obvious how much i adore jessie. but sometimes i feel like this guy is left out of the praise sessions. he's hardworking, caring, loving, smart, funny, and treats my sis like a queen.

taylor's incredible family is an added bonus to having him join our family five years ago.
i adore each of them and i hope to be 1/39847 as cool as his grandpa in my lifetime.

they're happy. they just are. not 100% of the time, but honestly, it's around 99% of the time.
it's contagious and makes me smile to see a family so proud of each other.

they support each other.
their first dance was to "my best friend" by tim mcgraw and it ain't no lie. 
they're best friends and a true testament to being each other's better halves.
john and i have wonderful role models in front of us.
colton and it have incredible parents to learn from,
and they are blessed to have each other. 

happy 5 years, you two love birds!  here's to 29982734 more! 


*photo credit: first photo: lana rayhill photography; the rest: mine, kentuckyblonde


choose to be happy blog said...

this was sososo sweet! i hope they all read it :) and i laughed every time there as a mention of baby it hehehe

Jessie said...

Love this post sissy!! Love you!!!

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