real women play golf

it's safe to say 99.9% of blogger ladies will be prancercising around the pool in their red, white and blue bikinis, eating their beautiful desserts, drinking themed alcoholic beverages all while flexing their six pack abs and an up-do that even thepinkloulou would be jealous of tomorrow to celebrate the fourth of july. 

hi. i'm jayme and i'm probably the other 1%. 
if it's not the 90% chance of rain our always wrong meteorologists have predicted, 
it will be because i've become the ultimate golf fanatic lately that will keep off the pool deck.
above are three images that i am convinced i resemble when i throw on my golf gear. 
beautiful, natural, and sexy. 
but then when i look in the mirror, i usually look something more like this hottie...
to put it nicely, i really shouldn't go out in public.

i would be very happy though, if i had these american patriotic golf shoes while 
i hit the links on the 4th of july. 

dear adam scott, it's hard for me to think about golf without you somehow finding your way into my thoughts. if you could please come to the club sometime soon to help me with my grip, my score and i would really be appreciative. 

happpppy fourth of july my fellow americanas!!  


*photo sources: google images


PinkLouLou said...

Lol I love it :) would you believe I have only played golf once, and I was turrrrrible. Perhaps you teach me. ;) have a great fourth!

Ashlynn said...

The girl in your first collage, looking out the window, went to high school with my husband!! Hahah, small world :)

She is an anchor for the Golf Channel. :)

Shannon Hearts said...

What a cute post! Love all the golf pictures. :) I've always wanted to learn to play golf.


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