wife vs golf

Does your husband talk to the golf pro more than you? Does your husband tell you about every.single.shot in the 36 holes he played over the weekend? Do you find yourself using the word “bunker” instead of “sand” and knowing the difference between an 8 iron and a 9 iron?

 If you answered yes to any of these, welcome to the club, my friend.
Our first summer as country club members has already taught me plenty of lifelong lessons, especially on marriage.

There are usually two issues that are constant in the wife vs. golf battle.
 The time commitment and the monetary factor.

 Is it really necessary to pay 100 bucks for five hours of swinging a stick?
If you consider the links to be the “other woman” in the marriage or if your man can be found hitting balls on the range anytime from 6am to 9pm, here’s some of my advice to make these rough waters seem more manageable:

1.       Dust off your own set of sticks, shop for the cutest golf outfit (it does exist) and join him on the back nine. If your man is obsessed with the sport, he’ll be just as obsessed with you attempting to play too. He’s bound to find nothing hotter than his two favorite things together – his wife and his clubs. Throw in a beer and you’ll have him eating out of your hand. Drive the cart, drink some wine. No rules.

2.      If you have as much interest in bathing in dog poo as you do in attempting the sport, try something else to distract you from letting your blood boil while he plays. Put a positive spin on the spouse-free afternoon. Enjoy some alone time, lunch with the girls, manicure, cut his golf shirts into new rags. Just kidding on the last one.

3.      Compromise. If he plays four times a week, make an agreement that the other days are family days. On Tuesdays, John plays in a mens social night so I meet him at the club for a late dinner and wine. It’s a win win.

4.      Unless you live in a year round paradise, remind yourself it won’t last forever. Winter will hit and you’ll be begging for him to switch out the couch for a putting greens.

If it’s the monetary value that’s bugging you, here are my thoughts.

1.       Golf is expensive. That means your hub has expensive and great taste for nothing but the best. Meaning: you’re the best. This excuse won’t cut it? Okays, here’s more.

2.      If he’s acting like you’re billionaires, remind him he’s ballin’ on a budget. Ask him to be mindful and respectful to the fact it’s your moolah too. After all, would he be thrilled if you spent $80 on an afternoon with nothing to show for it expect beer breath, body odor, and a slight hangover?

3.      Two can play this game, within reason, please. Buy yourself that new DVF dress you’ve been eyeing. New shoes? Don’t mind if I do.

4.      Put him on a budget. Maybe if he knows he can’t buy a dozen new balls until next weekend, he won’t hit them into the creek on hole 7 which even means he’ll be happier once he gets home.

5.      The secret: Stay Positive. Support him, even when you don’t want to.

Please, share your thoughts on the everlasting battle with the fairway affair.

And here’s my little golfer, who just so happened to win his flight of the club championship over the weekend. Way to go, toots!

All photos are my own.


cinco de friday

i'm sure i'm not in the only book clubs that began with a rigorous reading regime and quite quickly turned into a monthly girls night with a lot of wine. either way, both of my book clubs are two of my absolute favorite parts of life. it's two different groups of women, but i adore them both equally.
last night, i hosted for one of the book clubs and decided to make it a mama and baby affair since there are so many new babes around these blocks lately. 
a photo op was crucial and makes me even more excited to someday have a baby of my own.

baby luke, baby oscar, baby sutton, baby william. be still my heart.

i'm a kitchen maniac these days. i can make almost anything in the microwave.
including these incredible s'mores that only taste better than they look, and they look freakin' awesome.

looking professional usually makes the food taste exquisite. loving my apron, from my beautiful aunt-in-law, with my pretty cutting board.

a few of my goodies..

i realize we're no where near february 28 but i can't control my excitement about my recent purchase of three tickets to disney live! john and i will be taking colton on a hot date to mickey's music festival and it's things like this that makes me know all the stars are aligned and all is right in the world when my husband and nephew love each other like i love both of them. hallelujah! 

apparently all of woodford's stars were aligned yesterday when he saw a blue pen that he ate until there was ink on every wall, every rug, and every square inch of hard wood in our house. i succumbed to my inner cinderella and scrubbed my life away. note to self: don't rub ink into rug. 

ohhh happy day! it's friday. it's friday!

any awesome weekend plans for ya?


weekday getaway

lately, the thought of a "weekday getaway" begins as a day in bed, watching orange is the new black (are you obsessed?) and snuggling with my two boys - j&w. 
but as i continue to imagine such a day, i can't help but get carried away with the thoughts of ...
a day full of vino and best friends,

a comfy robe in a luxurious los angeles spa, 

spending the evening celebrating my friends nuptials, 

playing board games in bed with the sun shining,

with rows and rows of future bottles of wine outside of my window,

and enjoying the aftermath of said rows,

yup, wine definitely made the cut of my "weekday getaway" ...

my dream weekday getaway also undoubtedly includes the beach and infamous photo bombs, 
ocean views we don't get here in kentucky,

oysters. oysters. oysters.

and since i'm attempting to be a little bit realistic, my weekday getaway will have to include my mamas backyard pool.

while dreaming of spending a day in how to believe beyonce lives, i realized one thing:
every single part of it includes a nice tan. does anything make you feel more confident than a solid sun kissed glow? if your answer isn't no, you're wrong. ;)

a weekday getaway doesn't have to mean a plane flight, long hours, jet lag, or even packing a suitcase. to me, an ideal getaway includes a lunch hour (or two) with a  few of my best friends with a few of the best wine bottles. to sum it up: relax, friends, wine, music, sunshine, vitamin d.

"make every day a getaway at Sun Tan City this month. there's a special for everyone, so let yourself shine. offer only valid on days indicated. restrictions may apply. event ends august 31, 2013."

disclosure: this post is sponsored by Sun Tan City as part of the Style Squad program. the opinions expressed in this post are those of the author and not indicative of the opinions or positions of Sun Tan City.


laziness is the new motivation

i blame my absence on my newest obsession: orange is the new black.
it's the netflix original series and based on a true story. please tell me i'm not the only one! 
other happenings in my life include:
i'm an insomniac sufferer and i've realized one of my favorite activities at 3am (other than my 21 year old self going strong at a bar) would be photographing sweet woodford when i let him have his mid-night outing. our days at this house are coming to a close and while i couldn't be happier to move along, i can't help the hint of nostalgia towards the memories we've made here and the hours i've spent in that garden, hammock, and watching woodford become the gentleman beautiful beast he is today. 

in other news, i put my newest nephew in a trash can and took some pictures. it makes my heart explode.

and lucky for my sis, his big brother is just as in love with him as we are. 

my sister's birthday was on saturday, meaning we spent the entire weekend by mamas pool,

and keeping the doors open since the weather has been a little more than ideal lately.

my husband, my first nephew, and my puppy. i'm beginning to think john would make a wonderful dad... 

saturday night was spent with this group of ladies (and their boys) celebrating jessie's 32nd birthday at captains quarters, which is on the ohio river and a louisville staple. 

what's going on with your life? please, catch me up because my netflix series is coming to an end...


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