cinco de friday

i'm sure i'm not in the only book clubs that began with a rigorous reading regime and quite quickly turned into a monthly girls night with a lot of wine. either way, both of my book clubs are two of my absolute favorite parts of life. it's two different groups of women, but i adore them both equally.
last night, i hosted for one of the book clubs and decided to make it a mama and baby affair since there are so many new babes around these blocks lately. 
a photo op was crucial and makes me even more excited to someday have a baby of my own.

baby luke, baby oscar, baby sutton, baby william. be still my heart.

i'm a kitchen maniac these days. i can make almost anything in the microwave.
including these incredible s'mores that only taste better than they look, and they look freakin' awesome.

looking professional usually makes the food taste exquisite. loving my apron, from my beautiful aunt-in-law, with my pretty cutting board.

a few of my goodies..

i realize we're no where near february 28 but i can't control my excitement about my recent purchase of three tickets to disney live! john and i will be taking colton on a hot date to mickey's music festival and it's things like this that makes me know all the stars are aligned and all is right in the world when my husband and nephew love each other like i love both of them. hallelujah! 

apparently all of woodford's stars were aligned yesterday when he saw a blue pen that he ate until there was ink on every wall, every rug, and every square inch of hard wood in our house. i succumbed to my inner cinderella and scrubbed my life away. note to self: don't rub ink into rug. 

ohhh happy day! it's friday. it's friday!

any awesome weekend plans for ya?


Natasha said...

look at all those sweet babes...los of boys who need a girlfriend-i could provide two ;)

i am LOVING all your goodies!!!

and p.s boo hiss on the ink pen--that sounds awful

Sarah Wyland said...

All those sweet babies!

Silly dog! WHY do they go for the things they shouldn't? I *just* snatched my purse straps away from mine.

Laura {happily ever} Parker said...

I missed this post because I didn't have you linked to my bloglovin account! All fixed!! My book club reads wine labels that is about it!!

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