laziness is the new motivation

i blame my absence on my newest obsession: orange is the new black.
it's the netflix original series and based on a true story. please tell me i'm not the only one! 
other happenings in my life include:
i'm an insomniac sufferer and i've realized one of my favorite activities at 3am (other than my 21 year old self going strong at a bar) would be photographing sweet woodford when i let him have his mid-night outing. our days at this house are coming to a close and while i couldn't be happier to move along, i can't help the hint of nostalgia towards the memories we've made here and the hours i've spent in that garden, hammock, and watching woodford become the gentleman beautiful beast he is today. 

in other news, i put my newest nephew in a trash can and took some pictures. it makes my heart explode.

and lucky for my sis, his big brother is just as in love with him as we are. 

my sister's birthday was on saturday, meaning we spent the entire weekend by mamas pool,

and keeping the doors open since the weather has been a little more than ideal lately.

my husband, my first nephew, and my puppy. i'm beginning to think john would make a wonderful dad... 

saturday night was spent with this group of ladies (and their boys) celebrating jessie's 32nd birthday at captains quarters, which is on the ohio river and a louisville staple. 

what's going on with your life? please, catch me up because my netflix series is coming to an end...


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Laura {happily ever} Parker said...

you're baaaack!!! Those French bi fold doors at your parents house it to die for!!!

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