to my johnny boy - 

happy one year anniversary to us!

365: days i've been blessed enough to be your wife & blessed to have you as my husband.

3: members of our family.. john jayme & woodford.

7: days we spent cheering on our miracle parvo pup as newlyweds.

4: trips to the emergency room in the first three months of marriage.

2: new cars. ya gotta balance the good and bad!

1: country club membership

89: rounds of golf in a summer (or something like that)

2: places we've lived. 

1: house sold.

315: our first address together.

4: the number of roommates we've had together. brian, peter, rick & barb.

12: weddings we've attended since our own.

44 trillion: more anniversaries together.

9: times you've locked yourself out of the house/car ... this year.

16: pairs of flip flops you've left out as a "treat" for woodford.

2: nephews that adore their nuncle non. 

400: levels of jewel mania we've defeated.

we've been through a lot since we said "i do" 
and when i say there's no one else in the world i'd rather have by my side than you, 
they're the truest words i've ever said. 

i simply adore you, john. 
thank you for always making me laugh, even when i don't want to. 

thank you for being my better half and braving this storm we call marriage with me.

but don't you forget - you'll always be my boyfriend.

love ya, toots. 


Flannery said...

Happy Anniversary! Such a lovely post and so great to get an update from you. I've been wondering about you with the recent hiatus... (and have to admit, pondering your progress toward your 2nd new years resolution!)

Sarah said...

I love this! Happy Anniversary!
Hilarious re: the number of flip flops left out haha!

Laura {happily ever} Parker said...

Happy Anniversary pretty girl!!! Love this! October bride another reason why I'm meant to know you!

Toni :O) said...

Cutest couple ever and Happy One Year Anniversary-boy, that sure flew by!

According to Jax said...

Happy Anniversary pretty lady!!! :)

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