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Honestly, I never knew how exhausting selling a house and moving could be.
{my new rain boots and woodford}

 I had merely hit my one year birthday when my family made our move to louisville, which clearly put me in the “more hurt than help” category.
I stayed put in that house until I was 17 years old and then we moved four houses down to where my mom and stepdad currently reside… well, and John, Woodford and I do too.
Then from 18-22, also are known as my “college days”, I took the less than glamorous route to moving which consisted of throwing my belongings into bins between hangovers and convincing my boyfriend at the time to get my things from Point A to Point B.
When I was 24, I moved from my moms house to my boyfriends house. Which became my husband and my home.
Needless to say, I’ve never really, legitimately, technically moved.

Until now. And I’m not exaggerating when I say it’ll be the death of me.  In true fashion of how my life goes… John hurt his back (again) a few weeks ago which put the moving burden 100% on myself.

If I could un-herniate his discs myself, I would.

Here are few updates and thoughts of moving:

First – stop trying to collect newspaper from random places. Just go to the Uhaul store and buy a ginormous package of packing paper for $8. It’ll change your life and wrapping glasses may even become fun. And ziplock vacuum seal bags? Hands down the greatest/coolest things ever invented.

Second – okay, here’s some real ranting for you.
In our contract, the buyer said they want to close 25-35 days after acceptance. All is fine and dandy, right?
Last week, I called our agent and said, “hey, I don’t really know how all this works (because I’m not the agent that gets paid to know this type of stuff) but according to my calculations, we are on Day 36… which again, I’m no pro, but to me, that seems like it’s out of the 25-35 day mark.” Very, very long story short: both agents completely dropped the ball on the whole “legal contract” detail so between my call and signing the contract extension, our home (that we sold in 6 hours) was technically not under contract. Is it just me, or is this unacceptable? Any thoughts on what you’d do?

Third – since we are between houses (read: we are living with my mom and stepdad until we find a new house to buy, which we’ve had zero luck so far) we decided to get rid of most of our belongings and just buy basically all new stuff in our new house since it’s my attempt to create an “adult” home with “grown up” things. Since we’re doing that, we really don’t have all that much stuff besides wedding gifts, clothes, tv’s, and everything else in the entire world with the exception of a living room table. We decided on forgoing the storage unit space and instead rented a PODS – where we load our stuff into the unit, they store it, and then deliver it when we buy a new house. Have you

Finally, my best piece of advice for moving: secretly, I don’t know if this works yet because we haven’t finished the move, but I packed all of our plates, bowls, etc. with styrofoam plates between each one to avoid breaking and so far, it’s the only decision I’ve felt confident enough to share.
{our plates, nice and protected}

Have I mentioned I hate moving?

But it makes my heart smile to be back here on the blog and I can’t tell you how thankful I am for every.single.one of y’all that reached out yesterday on our one year anniversary. Consider me blushing.


Sarah said...

Moving sucks. So many times I have THOUGHT I was so organized and then it all goes out the window and it's just a complete disaster.

Sending positive thoughts your way for a relatively smooth move!

Lindsay said...

Good luck with the move girl. And Happy anniversary! This year zoomed by :)

Laura {happily ever} Parker said...

Moving is the WORST!!! But it will be all forgotten when you find the perfect home and get to nest!

Elizabeth @Port Of Thoughts said...

The styrofoam plates sounds like a genius move. I love your plates btw, who makes them?

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