wedding edition: cabo: foxywedding

the only thing better and more rewarding than having the honor of being a bridesmaid in a wedding is being a bridesmaid in a wedding in mexico. here's proof.
hashtag foxywedding.
1. the waves. the rocks. the views.

2. the palm trees.

3. the resort.

4. this bride

5. these girls

6. string lights. (and dance moves)

 for four days, i was basically jealous of my own life which let's be honest, isn't happening much nowadays. john decided to not chaperon this trip and to hold down the fort at home. read: giiiirls trip in mexico! 

for our bridesmaids luncheon, jenny treated us all to a day on an island in cabo where we chugged sipped drinks on the glass bottom boat and watched the sea life creep below us. we did some cliff jumping, swimming, drinking, gossiping, and loving life. basically a typical day..

that's me sunbathing. haha, just kidding. they're seals.

cliff diving. is that form phenomenal or what?

she's a professional. duh.

the days we spent on the mexican beach celebrating the gorgeous couple of jenny and ryan will honestly go down as some of life's greatest memories. the whole weekend happened so fast and i'd by lying if i didn't wish on a daily basis to go back to the bottomless drinks we sipped in the infinity pool.

we spent our time going between casa dorada and hacienda beach club & resort and if you don't know what that means, just pretend i said we spent our time going between heaven and paradise. 

now, i will let these wedding photos speak for themselves because honestly, they leave me speechless. have you ever seen a more beautiful bride in your entire life?? 

jenny and ryan danced to "you and tequila" so it was only right to take their first tequila shots as a married couple on the dance floor. do you just adore their perfection? i'm probably not going to allow my children to be friends with their children because they will be too perfect and beautiful. 

did i mention the bridal party jumped in the pool, only to continue partying for the rest of the night?

i dare you to find a better group of party people. double dare.

jenny and ryan - i love you both so dearly. yaymarriage! 

the last photos of the actual wedding are from the incredibly talent amy bennett photography, who is basically my life's idol.
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