catlanta and blates

you know those times during life that everything just sucks (it's the only appropriate word) 
and you have to keep telling yourself ...
"you have to take the good with the bad" and the whole "the bad stuff makes the sweet stuff that much sweeter" 
and the internal pep talks of "there's only rainbows after the storm" 
and all those other things to make yourself feel better?

{my little baby woodford celebrated his first birthday with a cupcake.}

well right now, my life is in the sweetest of sweet stuff that i have to tuck away and remember for when some rain comes back. it's not that i won the lottery or i'm sitting on glitter, it's the simple fact of perspective. here are some reasons why i'm walkin on sunshine...

{because i have friends like cat that will dress up with me in our finest furs and take advantage of photo ops like this one at churchill downs.}

these girls came in town during thanksgiving break and we all had a giant slumber party since we hadn't all be reunited since the #foxywedding in cabo. 
{lindsey, nicole, moi, courtney, jenny}

because when girls get together and take pictures that describe each one to a tee, 
they're instant framers which is what this is.

the next night, john and i ventured to lexington with these two - 
ryan and jenny - to watch the kentucky football game...
go cats?

 which was miserable because uk is terrible but an absolute blast because of the great company and because john got to rock his brand new Dockers® pants. 
let's be serious for a second ... how incredible are these UK blue pants with the uk logo and GO BIG BLUE on the inside?  Dockers® just launched this new Game Day Khakis collection and my spoiled husband got to be one of the first trendsetters.
how did john style these pants, you ask? with the alabama/auburn game on his phone, of course. (what? it's the best i could get with a man that will never be a fashion blogger...)
dang, those are some cute buns.

for the Dockers® pants, which make a PERFECT christmas gift, go to dockers.com or macys.com and check em out on facebook.com/dockers or @dockers with #gamedaykhakis.

and then... for a brief musical snack i've put together to tease you with what happened on saturday night in the grand city of atlanta, georgia...  

not only did i hang with my gorgeous little sister, but this happened...

my very first blate, with the incredible chelsea and ashley (!!!!!!!!!!!)
 be still my heart. just be still.

and since nothing will top that, come back soon for my blate story.


Jacob Phelps said...

It makes me happy that you are happy! Life is too short to be anything other than that.

Recently stumbled upon your blog via a KY search - I love it!

Love the dockers pants, too!

Happy Holidays from Centre College!

Laura {happily ever} Parker said...

Hot buns!! Meow!!!

Ashley said...

hahaha the dockers pic just made me crack up! that is awesome!

come back soooooon!! Atlanta MISSES YOU and BE!!!

Hannah said...

I had no idea pants like that existed! That is something I just might have to get for my hubby, they would be perfect for wearing on game days (and non game days). We are a UK loving family and wear blue to support the Cats any chance we get :) Glad you had fun at the game even though the football team is terrible!

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