my dream blogger dates come true

once upon a time, there was a girl that lived in kentucky and had blonde hair.
over the course of threeish years, she became great friends with two girls
that both lived in atlanta and both had brown hair. 

we shall call this first girl, ohhhh, i don't know... kentucky blonde? yes, we'll go with that.
so one day, kentucky blonde's little sister, whom we shall call "spam" moved to atlanta and slowly but surely, kentucky blonde saw all the stars aligning and before long, 
this happened...

yes, kentucky blonde and these other two fine ladies, that i will randomly call choose to be happy and run with me had an incredible evening full of looking deep into each others eyes, drinking, restaurant hopping, and soaking up the pure beauty of internet dating friendships through the art of blogging. 

i've been blogging for almost five years (whhhaaat!) and i will proudly acknowledge that the friendships i've created with so many other bloggers are the weirdest/most normal friendships of my entire life, regardless of the fact that we don't "see" each other whenever we want. it will never make sense to anyone that doesn't blog and quite honestly, i'd be sad if it did make sense because it shouldn't.

however, i'll also admit that if i were catfished by either one of them while i was anxiously waiting for their arrivals on that beautiful evening of two successful blind dates, my hopes and dreams would've been shattered. my heart raced a little quicker when an old man would walk within 50 yards of my table or if any teenage girl looked in my direction. i briefly imagined nev jumping out of the drum set that sat in front of me for the live band, and yes, i even envisioned my i-was-stood-up-because-i-wasnt-what-they-expected-loser-self leaving the well-lit, public area we designated as our meeting place with my tail between my legs and mascara running down my blogger-approved outfit. 

on the contrary ... i can confirm that chelsea and ashley are even more beautiful (if you could even imagine!) in person than on any instagram newsfeed. 

i also drank this concoction while i was in atlanta. we were in love.

who is your dream blogger date?


Laura {happily ever} Parker said...

How fun!! I have yet to have a blate!

According to Jax said...

Blates are the best!! Whenever you come back to Cincinnati, we need to have one! :)

Jacob Phelps said...

that is great! i'm happy you got to meet them.

i'd love to meet taza of love taza and meg fee.

Young and Fabulous said...

LOVE this!!

so so happy to see this :-) I have yet to meet miss ashley but im literally DYING to!! Chelsea I've finally got to meet and I even get to see her Friday! :) blog friends are honestly the best!!


Brooke said...

Ahhh!! Love, love, love this!

Ally {Life as I know it} said...

I've met a few one of my blogger "idols" in real life a few times and I always feel like the biggest dork! You're so right about how "those that don't read blogs" just don't get it! It doesn't make sense at all and sounds to an outsider a lot like match.com! You look so cute between the two brunettes! New follower!

Ashley said...

you are hilarious!!! i miss you! And i demand another trip of that randomly named kentucky blonde girl to come back to atlanta :):)

PS - I saw you were in FL...or somewhere tropical and i'm about 10 bamillion shades of jealous. Me and Dash have just been chilling here in 7 degree weather - WHAT?!?!

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