woof. it's been awhile, eh? life is crrrazy these days and the fact that there are only 24 hours in one day is about .4% of the time needed to live this little life of mine. 
let's catch up, shall we? 
since i last blogged, here's what's been happening:

-i got married. gotcha! i haven't been gone that long! but john and i are approaching that one year mark... whoa, old geezers over here.

 -we put our house up for sale.

-we sold our house.

yup, that's right. in 24 hours, the house that we've called home for the last three-ish years sold to a young family that will begin making their own memories there. it's bittersweet but i'm very excited for what the future holds for us.

-i went to chicago for jenny's bachelorette party.. which reminds me, if i'm gone next week, it's because i'll be celebrating their nuptials in caboooo, baby! the countdown is on for jenny and ryan's wedding and i simply cannot wait to see jenny's hard work all put together and see two of the most beautiful people say "i do" with the sand between my toes! 

-my little sister got engaged and it was an incredibly special moment to watch the whole thing happen without her having a single clue her life was about to change. 

plus, the diamond that now lives on her ring finger is a freakin' rock. 

-i've been crazy in love with my nephews and simply adoring baby luke. he couldn't be a happier/fatter baby and to be honest - i think he loves me too. he may only be eight weeks old, but i can tell i'm his favorite person ever. 

-john and i have been packing up boxes, house shopping like maniacs, and prepping for our new lives. as of now, we haven't bought a new house but we'll be closing the one we sold within a month or so, which means our life is a little bit interesting. 

i have been working hard at my new job, which i simply adore. it's one of those gifts i received where i knew God has a plan for me, even when my journey has included miserable previous jobs, unhappy bosses, and a minimal paycheck. 

i promise to be around here more often but i have to admit - having my bloggy friends email to play catch up while i've been gone has been heartwarming like i've never imagined. 

what's new with you? 
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