fridays five

happy friday happy dance! i've been looking forward to this day since monday and nope, it's not because i have something spectacular planned, it's actually the exact opposite. i'm a victim of a CPA's "busy season" since my husband is always MIA in january and half of february drowning in audits. therefore, i'm exceptionally excited to see him before midnight tonight and remember what it feels like to be married. here are my cinco on friday. 

one. don't forget to enter the yellow fish paperie giveaway! HERE

two. super bowl is on sunday and i'm a total football slacker this year considering i still have yet to purchase even one cube of cream cheese. hopefully i won't be as big of a loser as the broncos by monday morning when i show up to the super bowl party emptyhanded. ...see what i did there? i pretended like i care about this game and started talkin' smack about the broncos when in all honestly, i have zero opinion. the only reason i'm going to cheer for the seahawks is because i don't like eric deckers wifes lip liner. and thats the honest truth.

three. my heart and soul is a total beast. and you should know that by now. 

four. PLEASE HELP ME WITH FURNITURE SHOPPING FOR OUR NEW HOME. we gave away lit.er.al.ly every!thing! when we sold our last home because i was bound and determined to have all "adult furnishings" in our next home. but now i'm stuck with trying to find a starting place of how to furnish a home more than twice the size of our previous home. any secret websites or stores i should know about?? think restoration hardware -- champagne taste on a beer budget type thing. 

five. want a sneak peek of our new house? your wish is my command. :)

enjoy. happy happpy weekend!




i'd by lying if i said purchasing a new return address stamp wasn't one of my first three thoughts after hearing the words "accepted offer" to our new abode. i'd even by lying if i said i didn't already have my dream stamp picked out long before i had the house picked out.

i perused etsy for all of one minute before my eyes landed on the beauty known as yellow fish paperie and the gorgeous work of the shoppes owner, amy.

the dream for concocting this masterpiece was easier than i imagined and i couldn't be happier to present our new return address stamp!! wah-lah!
 just a snippit! bloggers be stalkers, sometimes.

and now, since amy and jayme are the best, we're going to give YOU a chance to win your own stamp of your choice. amy will send you a proof to approve and then ship the stamp when it is finished. to get the juices flowin', here are some lovelies from the shoppe.

this is the design i chose for ours. 

enter away, my beauties! a Rafflecopter giveaway



dreams come true

two months before john and i were married, i woke up and immediately shared with john that i was in the midst of a wild dream that we had boy/girl twins named claire and quinn. the dream was so lifelike, i just knew i had to share the details with him while they were so fresh.

fast forward two months and two days ... john and i were on day 3 of marriage and day 1 of our honeymoon. we had just arrived to the paradise we would call home for the next seven days. we hopped on the elevator and since i've never met a stranger in my life, i ever-so-sorority-girl-ish (by the way, i was never a sorority girl) said, "hi! where are YOU from?" in my closest Buddy The Elf "hi! what's your favorite color?!" impression. long story short ... our new friends were actually from louisville and lived about a half mile from john's dad! small world!

but you will never, ever believe what happened next. brace yourself because i promise this isn't made up ... their names: brian and claire quinn. exxxxcuuuuse me! CLAIRE. QUINN. i squealed, "ARE YOU MY BOY/GIRL TWINS WRAPPED INTO ONE ADULT PERSON?!" 

the fact they didn't get scared away at my nonsense it a true testament to the friendship we've been so lucky to cherish for the last year and three months. we stayed great friends once we returned home from paradise to face reality and i was so impressed with this couple that they were just as awesome in small town, boring ol' louisville as they were four tequilas down poolside of the exclusive excellence club.

which brings me to my next point... God is wild and seriously so incredibly fascinating. One year and five months ago, he put this wild dream in my head and then placed us in the same elevator in Mexico with this couple. in the past eight days, brian accepted a new position with his job which means they're relocating. 

yesterday, john and i officially bought their home. 


five on friday

There’s no better way to end my uncalled-for blogging hiatus than to jump back on a five on Friday, can I get an aaaaamen! I’ve been a super busy gal lately and here are five reasons why…
Uno.  Woodford Wurtenberger. As some of you remember, this week last year we were living a nightmare when our sweet 8 week old pup was flirting with death, parvo, and all we could do was pray, cry and hold him. Today, I’m reminded that His plan is bigger and better than any plans of ours because we just celebrated Woodford’s one year adoption day! Thanks little nupps, for being the best gift John and I could’ve been blessed with during our first year of marriage. We love you, and so do a bunch of other people..

{a girl can dream. i'd whip up some legit cereal in this kitchen}
Dos. House Hunting. Someone should tell House Hunters that seeing three houses and choosing one is completely blasphemous and false advertising as to what buying a home really consists of. I guess it’s doesn’t help with my “must-have” list may be a touch excessive… wrap around porch with hardwood ceiling, fireplace in backyard, patio, open floor plan, first floor master suite, mud room, attached garage, first floor laundry, large eat in kitchen w stainless steel appliances preferably a Viking stove with beautiful knobs, fenced in back yard, lots and lots of built ins, exposed brick fireplace in living room , fireplace in master, screen in porch/balcony preferably two stories, and a good price. 

Tres. I’ve been working a lot so that takes up some time, too. Gotta keep it real. 

Cuatro. We ventured to Florida to welcome the new year, specifically our home away from home, West Palm Beach. The weather wasn’t too great so our 12 day vacation was full of laziness, snuggling, photo shoots and endless hours of card games. I took some pictures of the almost-six month love of my life, my sweet nephew and he-mini-me, Luke. There’s something about the bond that I have with this little guy that makes me smile when I think of him.
And you can’t forget about this little snorkeler, my two year old nephew that’s just as big of a brat as I was at his age. I’d be lying if said he’s not already rivaling the intelligence of Einstein. 

We took a day trip to Miami and lunched at this beaut, the Delano. i'll admit, i wish i saw more famous people, i'm shallow like that. 

Cinco. Last but not least, I’ve decided my 2014 motto will be “everything in moderation, including moderation,” which clearly from my house must-have list, I haven’t really caught on to the “moderation” idea quite yet. 
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