dreams come true

two months before john and i were married, i woke up and immediately shared with john that i was in the midst of a wild dream that we had boy/girl twins named claire and quinn. the dream was so lifelike, i just knew i had to share the details with him while they were so fresh.

fast forward two months and two days ... john and i were on day 3 of marriage and day 1 of our honeymoon. we had just arrived to the paradise we would call home for the next seven days. we hopped on the elevator and since i've never met a stranger in my life, i ever-so-sorority-girl-ish (by the way, i was never a sorority girl) said, "hi! where are YOU from?" in my closest Buddy The Elf "hi! what's your favorite color?!" impression. long story short ... our new friends were actually from louisville and lived about a half mile from john's dad! small world!

but you will never, ever believe what happened next. brace yourself because i promise this isn't made up ... their names: brian and claire quinn. exxxxcuuuuse me! CLAIRE. QUINN. i squealed, "ARE YOU MY BOY/GIRL TWINS WRAPPED INTO ONE ADULT PERSON?!" 

the fact they didn't get scared away at my nonsense it a true testament to the friendship we've been so lucky to cherish for the last year and three months. we stayed great friends once we returned home from paradise to face reality and i was so impressed with this couple that they were just as awesome in small town, boring ol' louisville as they were four tequilas down poolside of the exclusive excellence club.

which brings me to my next point... God is wild and seriously so incredibly fascinating. One year and five months ago, he put this wild dream in my head and then placed us in the same elevator in Mexico with this couple. in the past eight days, brian accepted a new position with his job which means they're relocating. 

yesterday, john and i officially bought their home. 


According to Jax said...

This just gave me goosebumps...freaky!!! (And congrats on your new home...me & CV have a home sale in the works right now too...so exciting!) :)

Jenny B said...

The BEST story! Love it and you!

Laura {happily ever} Parker said...

Wow that is just crazy!! Love it! And congrats on the home purchase!

Taylor Norton said...

That is wild!! Congratulations on your new home!!

Jacob Phelps said...

how crazy! it is a small world. congrats on the new home!!

Ashley said...

Oh my gosh this just gave me chills! What an awesome story. Congrats on the new house!

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