fridays five

happy friday happy dance! i've been looking forward to this day since monday and nope, it's not because i have something spectacular planned, it's actually the exact opposite. i'm a victim of a CPA's "busy season" since my husband is always MIA in january and half of february drowning in audits. therefore, i'm exceptionally excited to see him before midnight tonight and remember what it feels like to be married. here are my cinco on friday. 

one. don't forget to enter the yellow fish paperie giveaway! HERE

two. super bowl is on sunday and i'm a total football slacker this year considering i still have yet to purchase even one cube of cream cheese. hopefully i won't be as big of a loser as the broncos by monday morning when i show up to the super bowl party emptyhanded. ...see what i did there? i pretended like i care about this game and started talkin' smack about the broncos when in all honestly, i have zero opinion. the only reason i'm going to cheer for the seahawks is because i don't like eric deckers wifes lip liner. and thats the honest truth.

three. my heart and soul is a total beast. and you should know that by now. 

four. PLEASE HELP ME WITH FURNITURE SHOPPING FOR OUR NEW HOME. we gave away lit.er.al.ly every!thing! when we sold our last home because i was bound and determined to have all "adult furnishings" in our next home. but now i'm stuck with trying to find a starting place of how to furnish a home more than twice the size of our previous home. any secret websites or stores i should know about?? think restoration hardware -- champagne taste on a beer budget type thing. 

five. want a sneak peek of our new house? your wish is my command. :)

enjoy. happy happpy weekend!



The Purple Front Door said...

Hi! Visiting from the link-up... I fully understand your love for your pup! We have a black lab and no lie, she's the center of our world! And I totally feel your pain on the whole 'champagne taste, beer budget' issue. Are you against DIY? If not, hit up a Goodwill and refurbish with paint to make it fit your new home!

Cheers to the weekend!

BLovedBoston said...

That out door area looks heavenly!! Can't wait to see the full reveal!

Hannah said...

what you showed of your new house looks beautiful! I can't wait to see the rest! I always have the same trouble when it comes to decorating; I like expensive things, but have a limited budget. So I usually just never get anything at all and go with what we have had. The next house we get (which will hopefully be our final house) we are planning on doing everything new though and getting rid of all of our old furniture and really making it look nice. I have a few years before that happens... so if you find any great stores or websites, be sure to share them so I can revisit them one day :)

Corrine @ between his shoulder and mine said...

I love your pup! We are celebrating our families black lab "Meatball" 15th Birthday today! Enjoy your time with your pup. It goes by so quick!!

A Simple Southern Life said...

Your pup is just adorable! I have puppy fever BAD.. This summer i'm hoping to get my first yellow lab!

Ashley said...

your new house is UGH-mazing!! breath-taking.

and i cracked up at your reason for choosing the seahawks. i'm rooting for the bronco but for real...she needs to learn to blend that ish!

Jacob Phelps said...

love it - so happy to see the whole thing!

Allie said...

This is such a cute idea! And now, tomorrow is Friday! ;) Following you now!

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roney ahmed said...
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