five future finds for friday

today is the last friday of being mortgage-less. needless to say, we've thoroughly enjoyed the last six-ish months of basking in the additional moolah in our bank accounts. while it may not be a fortune, it's enough to make me do a happy dance. but come monday, we'll be writing a check i don't like to think about and the payments will begin.

but, today, i'm discussing the top five parts i'm most excited about in our next chapter in this journey we call life. 

one. furnishing this sucker. when we sold our old home, i was ready for out with the old, in with the new. apparently i was not joking. i ended up tossing our dining room table, chairs, sofas, chairs, ottomans, beds, tables and lamps. it's a little overwhelming to think about all the furniture that will need to fill this space, but i'd by lying if i said i didn't fall asleep every night going room by room and dreaming of what it will look like.

{definitely not a room of mine, but finding inspiration is part of the process}

two. it's no secret i hope to fill this house with lots and lots of babies. our plan isn't going as planned, but i know His plan and i know john was born to be a father. so here's to our ongoing battle and praying that this family home will be a home to more than john, woodford, and moi. 
{because it's normal to use your nephews to pose as an actual family of four, right?}

three. laundry. yes, mom, did you read that?? i am so excited to have a laundry room right outside of our bedroom. you best believe this room is going to be decked out with nothing but luxurious things only a woman could appreciate. 
four. a photo studio. one of my millions few ideas for the new house is to build my very own photo studio and make a whole craft room to let out my built up energy and crazy ideas that have a tendency to creep their way into my head! 

five. being an adult in an adult home with my adult husband and my sweet baby boy puppy. we're really doing it, harry! 

happy happy weekend! come this time monday, we'll be homeowners once again. xo
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