it's friiiday it's friiiidayy

it seems as if i've become a "friday blogger" while my life goes on without me. so here are the five top things to play catch up in my life. 
1. john and i are officially homeowners (and have been for a month now) and will move into our new home around may 10! 
we are oh, so, excited but so sad to watch our dear friends move away. 
some background -- since brian and claire (who we bought our house from and love dearly) are moving for the military so they've been "renting" from us until his new orders begin. john is a pretty fierce landlord, considering he required a $1 security deposit. :)
after closing, you'd think john and i would go out to celebrate but nope, claire and i took the honors upon ourselves. 
we now refer to this house as the quinntenberger household.

two. atlanta. and kentucky basketball. 
the whole family ventured to atlanta to watch our beloved kentucky wildcats fight for the SEC tournament victory. we ended up losing in the finals to florida ... and then we then ended up losing to UCONN in the finals of the national championship. so close, yet so far.

the fam.

three. jackson hole, wyoming. 
john, his two brothers, his dad, and moi went to jackson hole for a long weekend to get our skiing in before the season ended and let.me.tell.you. if your soul needs some refreshing, book your ticket now because those open skies and mountain air will shake you up and bring peace to your worries! 

we suited up in our best Armageddon gear and went snowmobiling through yellowstone. i thought it would be a cool thing to do and we'd see some neat things. by the end of it, i was 100% convinced that riding through yellowstone on an awesome snowmobile should be on every person's bucket list. honestly, it's life changing.

if you can't tell by my raving, i was obviously in need of a vacation and this did the trick. and i'd just like to make it a known fact that i had my own snowmobile and i wouldn't didn't ride with john. 

if you look SUPER SUPER SUPER closely, you can see two moose (meese? ugh, i hate that) roaming through the waters. 

real life?

pure beauty.

four. the puppy. 
no matter how much i love to travel, i always love coming home to this beast and snuggling with him for days. he usually drives the car runs the show and i wouldn't have it any other way.

five. office space
thunder over louisville (aka the nations largest fireworks show) is the kick off to derby festivities, which happens tomorrow. along with the fireworks, there is an out-of-this-world air show with fighter jets and other loud airplane that i am lucky enough to view form my office. that's my view. 

so, my friends. that's a wrap. i hope you have a wonderful weekend and soak up the nice weather (finally!) after this dreadful winter. what are your plans? 

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