golden birthday

i've written this post in my head a thousand times but i still can't really find the words to write. today is my birthday, actually it's my golden birthday, so i figured today was a good day to address this neglected blog. 

 this blog has been so much more than anyone could imagine. between the friends i've made, the adventures i've shared and the growing up i've done, i am beyond proud of how incredible blogs can be.

in all honesty, i've been completely torn of where to take this little place in the internet space of mine for awhile now. being 28 years old now, i'm just not the same 22 year old kentucky blonde girl that started this and as i've grown, kentucky blonde has grown. 

the last couple years have been unforgettable and a wild ride. but now i'm at a place between posting pictures of our new home and our journey through infertility. i want to keep things real around here but quite frankly, it ain't gonna happen. 

for now, i'm going to take a step back and focus on our humble abode and filling it up.

as a shameless plug, er, i mean to see pictures of woodford, follow on insta @jwurtenberger

cheers, peace out homes. 

{all photos are mine}


Laura {happily ever} Parker said...

Happy Golden Birthday lady!!! You know I'm following that sweet Woodford!!

Cary said...

Happy GOLDEN birthday... on my golden birthday i was 14 and walked to claires and bought a little pair of gold hoops. my first hoops. I still have them, golden birthdays are the best!

Mony Hussein said...
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